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Cloud Storage, Sync and Peer-to-Peer Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices
The Changing Tides of Social Networking
Making Money with Google Ads
The Irony: Blizzard Mocks Global Warming Summit
Greenpeaces Admits Emotional Hype
Global Warming: Leaked emails and baffled scientists
the god that croaks?
Born Alive Truth Targets Obama
A Victory for Stem Cell Researchers
Amazon's Kindle Back in Stock
A Lesson from ER
Blogs For Life Set for January 22, 2008
Tyranny Reigns in Zim
We’ve been deceived in the most profound manner
That Intelligent Checkers Game
Don't Live Your Faith
Adult stem cells and Spinal Cord Injuries
Christless Christianity
Adult Stem Cell Research to Benefit Diabetics
Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease
'Glow In The Dark Mosquitoes' Fight Malaria
If they're not human what are they?
Rudy Giuliani is NOT our Man
Let the Computers Decide?
A High Value Target
Romney and the Pro-Life Vote
Giuliani and Social Conservatives
Giuliani Nears Candidacy, Discusses Abortion (video)
Will Giuliani Pick a Ginsburg?
Bad News for the Bears - Favre Will Return in 2007
Mitt Romney and the Pro-Life Vote
Does Giuliani Merit the Pro-Life Vote?
Where there is suffering ...
Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome
Designer Babies?
Attending the Annual March for Life?
Calling all Pro-Life Bloggers
How will the Discovery of the Apostle Paul’s Remains Change Your Life?
Thanksgiving Praise
How to Make Money Using Google Ads
Proposition 107 Deception
Thanks Len Munsil!
Napolitano Defeats Munsil?
Vote Pro-Life
Arizona Voters
Arizona: Vote for Len Munsil
Ted Haggard Dismissed by his Church
Haggard and Evangelical Pragmatism - Updated
Haggard and Evangelical Hypocrisy
Len Munsil for Governor (Video)
Kyl vs Pederson on Abortion
Don't Let Judges Redefine Marriage: Yes on Arizona Proposition 107
Vote for a Reagan Conservative (Len Munsil)
Napolitano Backs Away from Kerry
The Troops Respond to Sen. John Kerry
Failed Statements by Sen. John Kerry
Why is she hiding?
A Few Links for Arizona Voters
MSM Promotes the Democratic Party
The Bankrupt Tactics of Proposition 107 Opponents
Vote 'Yes' on AZ Proposition 107
Obama's Support for Partial Birth Abortion
Napolitano: Where's the Vision?
Arizona's Spending Problem
Calling Arizona Bloggers
Once upon a time marriage was ...
Arizona Proposition 107
What Gov. Janet Napolitano Feeds You
Blogging Interfaces
'Nobody likes filing for bankruptcy'
No Longer in a Permanent Vegetative State
Will Missouri Make Human Cloning a Constitutional Right?
Where to Buy your Domain Name
The Follies of Arizona Prop 202
False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel
The Ultimate Petri Dish?
Human Guinea Pigs
Rejecting God in Public Schools
Adult Stem Cells Treat Autoimmune Disease
God is Independent
U.S. Senate says Yes to ESC Research
Care Net and Pregnancy Centers Attacked
Christian music is in the middle of a quiet collapse ...
The Miracle of Life
Another Reason to Drink Coffee
Dutch Euthanasia Leads to Permitted Infanticide
The American Idol
Are you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer?
The Sad Case of Andrea Clark
Remembering the Work of Jesus on Good Friday
Da Vinci Code Brings Westminster Response
Killing Babies, Compassionately
Bloggers' Best for Terri Schiavo: Anniversary Edition, pt. 2
Legalized Persecution in Liberated Afghanistan
Terri Schiavo and the Value of Life
Remembering Terri Schiavo
Writely, Zoho and Google
Dr. Henry Morris now with the Lord
Stem Cells, Questions and Language
Mugabe's Economic Reforms Take Hold ...
Not so graphic after all
Coffee may lower risk of type 2 diabetes
Embryo Images too Graphic for Newspaper
Stop the ACLU's One Year Blogiversary
Islamic Cartoons
March for Life - Next Monday!!!
Adult Stem Cells that Can Regenerate
Urging Churches to Talk About Abortion
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Faking the Data and Human Cloning
A Belief System
Blogs4Life Updates
Those Bleating Sheep
Blogs4Life Conference!
Hypocrisy Over Stem Cells
Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation
Blessings to you on Thanksgiving Day
Where's the Outrage?
Media Ignores Christian Indonesian Girls Beheadings
Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito and Roe v Wade
Chitika eMiniMalls
Support the Right to Life Act 2005
Undermining American Sovereignty
On Being a Christian
Mugabe's Righteous Indignation
Omega-3 fatty acids in Fish
GodBlogCon 2005 Tomorrow
Happy Birthday MovableType
Persecuted Chinese Christian Needs Your Help
Miers' Evangelical Record
Islamic Death Threats - An Arrest is Made!
Senate Passes Cord Blood Donation Bill
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Treat Spinal Cord Injury
Ebay buys Skype
Catechism Instruction Reshapes Civilization
Scientific Research and Modern Day Fables Part 1
Umbilical cord stem cells cure disease
God Blog Con - Next Month!
Spotlight on Darfur Monthly Post
Supporting the Suffering in the Gulf Coast
Zen vs IPOD
Yes, Coffee is a Health Food
Spotlight on Darfur Announcement - a call to bloggers
Katrina Approaches New Orleans
The Christian Mafia
Secret Film Reveals Mugabe Tyranny
Court Rules Atheism Qualifies as a Religion
Amazon to Offer Digital Picture Development (and more)
The Zimbabwe Government is Starving its People
Michael Schiavo - Speaker at Ethics Conference?
As Zimbabwe Crisis Unfolds, Bureaucracy Delays Food Aid
Was Sudan Leader John Garang's Death an Accident?
Bobby Schindler Speaks in Phoenix
UK Considers Embryo Screening for Cancer
Airsoft Guns
So Long Peter Jennings
Guardian of the Year Award Goes to Michael Schiavo
Cows in Exchange for Chelsea?
Susan Torres Gives Birth
Religious Neutrality and the Supreme Court
ACLU Opposes Tax Exemptions For All Churches But Supports It For Satanic Witches
Kennedy Flip-Flops on Quizzing High Court Nominees
Southern Sudan's Garang Killed
The Failure of International Welfare to Africa
Blogswarm Targets Air America
Hussain Admits to Sowing Terror but Denies Being a Terrorist
Frist 'Pulls a Kerry' by Supporting Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Frist to Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Hospital Dedicated To Umbilical Cord Stem-Cell Treatment
Scientists Grow New Brain Cells
Muslims Threaten Christian Missionaries
Aborting the Viable Beyond 23 Weeks
Roberts Nominated to the Supreme Court
Muslims Extremists Threaten Christian Missionary
Stem Cell Hype and Michael J. Fox
BlogsforTerri Announces New Mission
Iraqi Friend Details Suicide Blast, Claims News Inaccurate
Zimbabwe Desperate for Prayer
National Deficit Down but Intragovernmental Loan Scam Continues
A Prayer for the Dying in Darfur
Curry Spice Shuts Down Melanoma
Islamic Nations Slaughter and Enslave Christians
Cell Phone Use Quadruples Car Crash Risk
Ideas, Consequences and Worldviews
Adult, or post-natal, stem cells have the same ability as embryonic stem cells to multiply
Specter Suggests O'Connor for Chief Justice
Following the Herd off a Cliff
Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Clash of Worldviews
Adult Bone Marrow Cells Transformed Into Muscle Cells
Embryonic Stem Cell Hope Based on Distortions
Islam and Civilization
Rehnquist to Retire
McCabe Closes Terri Schiavo Investigation
Terrorists Strike London
Abortion Supporters use Urban Legends in Supreme Court Debate
Working in the background
Darfur - Conflicting Priorities of the International Community
The Persecution Blog
Nationwide Crackdown on House Churches in China; Numerous Leaders Arrested; Renown Beijing Church Leader Trial Delayed Again
Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Unethical and Not Working
Adult Stem Cell Breakthroughs Attract Investors
Successful Adult Stem Cell Research and Applications Continue
Mugabe Begins the Genocide
A Lesson from the Life and Death of Terri Schiavo
IPAQ Blogging
Happy Father's Day
Downing Street Memos were Destroyed
Boycott hits Iranian election
Terri Schiavo Autopsy
The Future of Darfur, Sudan - Update
Presbyterian General Assembly Receives Christian Education Resolution Urging Withdrawal from Public Schools
Diet Soda Consumption is Correlated with Obesity
Terri Schiavo's Autopsy Results: Expectations and Controversy
Terri Schiavo's Autopsy Results: Expectations and Controversy
United Nations Population Fund May Receive U.S. Funding - Vote Set for Today
The President's Inadequate Position on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Scientists Boast of Stem Cell Lines Made from Home-grown Embryonic Children
Stop Gov. Napolitano's Politicization of the Judiciary!
The Slow Reaction to Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
Company, Researchers Use Aborted Children to Treat Heart Disease
Christian Persecution in Saudi Arabia
Freedom's Zone Is Born
Darfur, Sudan: Improvement is in the Eye of the Beholder
Washington Post Confirms Felt Was 'Deep Throat'
Ex-FBI Official, Felt, Claims to be Watergate's 'Deep Throat'
Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Ignored by Media and Politicians
Forced Abortion Still A Reality in China Says New Amnesty Report
Aborted Babies Sold for Beauty Treatments?
Muslim Activists, Italian Government Persecute Critic Oriana Fallaci
Another Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Successful Application
Bush calls embryonic stem cell research the deliberate destruction of a human
After Supporting Genocide in Darfur, China Pledges Peace Keeping Troops for Sudan
Delays and Complications in Darfur, Sudan
Star Wars Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith Grosses $50 Million
Near Record Heat in Phoenix
Terror in Africa: Radical Islam in Nigeria
Building Hope Among the Ruins of Zimbabwe
The Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church
Britains Clone a Human Embryo
Eugenics in America
Embryonic Stem Cells not Needed with Alternatives says President’s Council on Bioethics
Newsweek Retracts Koran Desecration Story
Genocide in Sudan - The Darfur Collection
Cancer Treatment Success Stuns Scientists
Whitehouse Reacts to Newsweek Koran Blunder
German Spam Worm Floods Email Inboxes
Buy a Ford (Mustang)
Newt and Hillary Unite ?
Budget Surplus Follows Tax Cuts
Silent Witness : The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death
Doctor who treated herself at South Pole describes ordeal
Adult Stem Cells Restore Eyesight
Stay-At-Home Moms Deserve High Pay
State Rules Church in China
Father Arrested as School Promotes Morally Bankrupt Agenda
School Lancet Prank Results in AIDS Scare
Mass Graves Continue to Reveal Saddam's Policy of Genocide
Ken Ham Joins the Blogging World
Nerac Announced Blog to Compliment its Information Service
Zim's economic crisis spirals out of control
Trust the Government with the Social Security Trust Fund?
Eric Reeves - Fighting for the people of Dafur, Sudan
Euthanasia kits available at 250 Belgian pharmacies
Who Funds the Genocide in Dafur, Sudan?
Adult Stem Cells for Diabetes Treatment
Soviet Collapse a Tragedy - Putin says
Bush Administration will Protect Abortion Survivors
Baby Charlotte Wyatt Needs Help
Darfur Deaths Near 400,000 - Experts Estimate 500 people Die each day
Italian Court Keeps Girl's Feeding Tube in Place
Coffee contains about 1,000 different antioxidants
White Smoke and Bells
Killing with Mercy Kevorkian Had it Right?
Religion of Peace Update: Muslim Extremists Behead Baptist Pastor
Moving pictures stop abortion - Young mothers describe how ultrasound technology persuaded them to choose life for their children
Trackback Spam
After 30 Days Clara Martinez's Feeding Tube is Re-Connected
Schiavo-Like Case of Purposeful Starvation in Chicago
Using Your Refund Wisely
Media Reports: Lethal Injection is Cruel for Execution but Dignified for Euthanasia
Mae Magouirk, Saved from Hospice, is Doing Well
Nanoshells Search and Destroy Cancer
Russian Abortion Killing and Sterilizing Millions; Demographic Collapse Likely to be Worse than Previously Predicted
Schumer versus Reality
Lacking the Political Will to Save Dafur
Outside of those Sunday Morning Walls
Big Companies Pursue Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Research Breakthrough Links Diabetes and Obesity
The Coming Schiavo Backlash
Mae Mullinax's Family Has Been Denied Visiting Rights
Saving Mae Magouirk
Late-Term Abortion Scandal Hits Scottland
Spammers Take Note
A Bright Future for Malaira Treatments
The Intrinsic Value of Mae Magouirk
Mae Magouirk - out of the Hospital - Thanks to Bloggers
Eric Rudolph to plead
Family Fights to Keep Doctors from Starving Mae Magourik
Swindell says Bush and Bush Backed Down from A Tyrant 'State' Judge
Arizona Christian Schools - Registration Begins Now
Starving the weak and helpless
Why Fruit and Vegetables are Beneficial
The Value of Human Life and Terri Schiavo's Death
Belly fat good predictor of diabetes in men
Coverage of Pope Bests Articles on Bush
Ebay Entrepreneurs Make Online Auction a Career
Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul's Alliance
And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Next time it will be easier (that's how it works)
Terri Schindler Schiavo has just died - message from family
Soviets Behind Pope Assassination Attempt
Never Again: Again and Again
The Value of Life Begins with God
Most Recent Report from The Hospital Bed: Terry Continues to Communicate
Japanese Doctor found Guilty in Euthanasia Case
Schiavo doctor a right-to-death activist
Terri Schiavo Expresses Her Wishes; Attorney and Sister Testify in Court
Report: Jeb Bush Tried to Intervene but BACKED DOWN
Terri Schiavo Has Not Given Up, Neither Are We, says Attorneys and Family
Gov. Bush Delays, Terri Continues to Starve
Kennedy Tells Bush to Step-In
Bush Called to Rescue Schiavo
The People in Dafur Matter - Does the U.S. Care
The Supreme Court Says 'No' to Terri Schiavo
Schiavo Neurologist is a Christian
Doctor says Terri is Aware and Feels Pain - Updated
Starvation - Approaching Five Days for Terri
Threat to Christian Radio in South Africa
Whittemore Declines Schindler Request
Florida Legislature is Still Able to Help Terri
NYT Misrepresents Terri Schiavo Legislation
Feed Terri Schiavo Hearing Set for 3pm
More Misconceptions about Persistent Vegetative State
We Gave My Sister a Chance
Hang On Terri! Help is on the Way
Urgent Terri Schiavo Action Alert - March 19
Medical Facts About Terri Schiavo
Terri Schiavo Starvation Began Today
Playing politics with Terri's life
Congressional Probe Called As Schiavo Death Deadline Looms
Terri Schiavo Update March 18
Legal Maneuvering to Save Terri Schiavo
Fast and Pray for Terri Schiavo - March 18
DCA Says No, Lawmakers Prepare to Save Schiavo
Why Hasn’t an MRI been done for Terri?
Christian Carnival March 16, 2005
Starvation, Torture and Terri Schiavo
Population Research Institute's Statement on Terri Schiavo
Kate Adamson and Terri Schiavo
Update on Dafur, Sudan
Activist Judge Imposes New Moral Standard on Marriage
A Call to Prayer and Fasting by The Narrow
Brief Comment on Causality versus Correlation
Kate Adamson Fights for Terri Schiavo
The State of the Blogicus
Day of Fasting for Terri Schiavo
Congress, Save Terri Schindler-Schiavo!
Fossett Breaks Nonstop Solo Flight Record
Contraditions in the US Supreme Court Decision
Christian Persecution Documented in New Report on Human Rights in China
Michael Reagan and Legalized Murder
The Next Step: Terri Schiavo Ad in USA Today
St. Petersburg Times Endorses Starving Terri
Video Shows Terri Schiavo Laughing, Responding
Terri Schiavo - Action is Needed
Terri Schiavo's Value is God Given
Try Seeing through Terri Schiavo's Eyes
What Do Those Bloggers Want?
Can the United States Trust UN Inspectors?
Does Michael Schiavo Know What Terri Wanted? Does He Care?
Why Blog for Terri Schiavo?
When the Strong Protect the Weak
The Real Terri Schiavo
A Call to Blogs for Terri Schiavo
Updates on Terri Schiavo and the Battle for Her Life
Eason Quits, the Blog Roars
Eason Jordan Scandal Hits Arizona Talk Radio
North Korea's Nukes
Important Terri Schiavo News
Study Suggests Adult Stem Cells Can Heal Hearts
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Terri Schiavo Situation Critical
Human Cloning Licensed in England (again)
Budget Surplus, What Budget Surplus?
Reagan Documentary: In the Face of Evil
Terri Schiavo is in Need of Help
Destroyed Embryo Deemed Human
Easton Jordan Blog Swarm
Oil-for-Food Report Reveals UN as Conduit of Corruption
The President on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
State of the Union 2005
Pre State of the Union 2005
Senate Priorities and Abortion
Bad News on Groundhog Day
Docs: Adult stem cells can repair all tissues
Iraqi Christians Claim Their Votes Blocked
Google's Business Model Works, MSN Launches
The Latest Christian Carnival is Up
Michael J. Fox Promotes Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Wisconsin
U.N. report says Darfur violence is not genocide
Iraq Makes History, Elections Begin
GodBlogCon 2005 Mesa, AZ
Listening to Ali Blog from Iraq
On the Eve of Elections Iraq Needs Christian Voters
The Intrinsic Value of Humans
Christian Carnival #54 Now Online
Sudan Continues to Violate Darfur Cease-Fire
Kennedy Calls for US Withdrawl from Iraq
Calling all Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) Bloggers
Calling Christian Bloggers
First Ever Christian Blogosphere Convention
Spleen Stem Cells Produce Potential Cures
South Asia Marks Tsunami One Month Anniversary - Remembering 447 Thousand
General Public Gives Majority of Red CrossTsunami Donations
Kofi Annan's statement on Darfur, Sudan at the UN remembrance of the Holocaust
National Deficit and Debt Continue to Grow
Separation of Church and State Equals Separation of Truth and State?
Bush Supports Pro-Life Legislation
U.S. Stem Cell Lines are Contaminated
Embryonic Stems Cells are 'Useless'?
Dutch Euthanizers Reflect Progressive Ethic of Death
Remembering 32 Years and 45 Million Deaths
Christian Carnival Time
Bush Inauguration Address Combats Tyranny with Freedom
Confident, Optimistic Bush Approaches Inauguration
The Religious Heritage of the Inauguration
bLogicus was down but not out
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Endorses Condoleezza Rice
Proponents of Embryonic Stem Cell Harvesting
Roe Demands an End to Abortion
Perspectives on the Humanity of the Pre-Born
Newt Gingrich as a Litmus Test for Moral Conservatives
Bush Backs Off Defense of Marriage Amendment
Zimbabwe Suffers Under Communism's Rule
The Deficit Shrinks, Debt Remains
Switching to a New Host
Atheist Newdow Fails to Stop Inauguration Prayer
Embryos are Humans of the Same Kind
March of Dimes Prevents Birth Defects?
Tsunami Death Toll Hits 272,000
Stem Cells Help Paraplegic Progress After Accident
The Toll of Abortion
Evolution Disclaimer Ruled Unconstitutional
Peace in the South Bad for Dafur?
Zimbabwe: Freedom of the Press Long Gone
Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction is Over
Bush's Faith in God
Diabetes and Stem Cells Research
Shocked, Mapes Stands By Her Story
Rather Stands by His Claim that the Fake Story is Accurate
CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story, Mapes Terminated
Independent Review Panel Examining CBS Issues Report of Its Findings
Indian Scientists Treat 160 Eye Patients Using Adult Stem Cells
Bush urges Sudan, rebels to implement peace pact in good faith
Sudan Peace Must End Darfur Genocide Today: Powell
Bloggers Expose Washington State Election Anomalies
Finding Courage in Rathergate
Sudan Peace Accord Signed by GOS and SPLM
Sudan Peace Deal Ceremony Opens in Nairobi
Critics Question Trust in the United Nations Tsunami Relief Effort
Adult Stem Cells and Liver Disease
Details Emerge in Case of Missing Arizona Woman
Chinese Woman Tortured After Coerced Abortion Faces More Jail Time
Gilbert, Arizona Priest Loses Job
Tsunami toll rises above 165,000
Director Blames Audience for Film Failure
CBS Report on Fake Memos Set for Release
Adult Stem Cell Research Success Continues to Grow
Intelligent Design and Dover Area School District
Meeting the Deeper Needs of the Soul
Tsunami Death Toll Could Double Due to Hunger, Disease
Helicopter Attack in the Andaman Islands
Lasting Peace in Sudan Requires Accountability
Dafur Human Rights Violations Continue to be Ignored
Prosperity Linked to Economic Freedom
Tsunami Cost Estimated Over $15 Billion
Stem cells extracted from a placenta
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease
Adult Stem Cells Treat Disease of the Central Nervous System
Remembering Reggie White
Teen Charged in Death of His Unborn Child
Man Charged in Laser Helicopter Incident
Final Sudan Peace Agreement to be Signed
Abortionist Confesses 'Yes, I End Life'
Tsunami Survivors at Risk of Disease and Malnutrituion
Aiding Tsunami Victims
The Number of Blog Readers is Large and Growing
Obstacles Remain for Sudan's New Hopes of Peace
Another Laser Incident in Nashville at 3,000 Feet
Will Sudan Keep its Agreement with the SPLM - Part 2?
Key Events During Sudan's 21-Year Civil War
The Laser Incident was an Accident
Will Sudan Keep its Agreement with the SPLM?
Annan Criticized for Vacation After Tsunami Disaster
Tsunami Updates - Donations Top $2 Billion
Zimbabwe - A Year in Review
Happy New Year 2005
FBI Interviews Man Over Cockpit Laser Incident
Islam and the Apostasy of Democracy
La Shawn Barber is Effective
Uganda's Full Ceasefire Deal Indefinitely Postponed
At Last, Peace in Sudan
Sudan Reaches Final Peace Agreement
War on Terror Motivates Peace in Africa
Zimbabwe's Free Speech Policy
Some Predict Tsunami Death Toll Over 400,000
Earthquake-Tsunami Catastrophe Toll at 114,000
The Thinking Blog
Court Denies Schiavo Euthanasia Appeal
Truth and Its Consequences
Powerline's Daisy Chain
Ten Errors in One Paragraph by WaPo
The Explosive Growth of Christianity
Christian Carnival at MediaSoul
Tsunami Toll Above 55,000, More Relief Needed
Why There is No Escaping the Blog
The Morality of Human Cloning for Stem Cell Research
Scopes Monkey Trial Biology Text Listed Values
Zimbabwe Starves People, Declines Aid
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Make Red Blood Cells
China's Support of Genocide in Sudan
China's Interest in Sudan
Football Player and Minister, Reggie White, is No Longer with Us
Earthquake in Asia Kills More than 11,000 - Pray
Sudanese Government and SPLM Set Peace Agreement Date
Dutch Defend Newborn Euthanasia
A Present for Christians in Southern Sudan
Chile Peppers Decorate Our AZ Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas from Around the Blog
Presidential Christmas Message 2004
Absolute Moral Truths at the Evangelical Outpost
Body Found but Tempe Woman Still Missing
Democrats Rethink Abortion Strategy
Abortions and Taxes Pay Planned Parenthood's Bills
Christian Carnival: Christmas Edition
During Christmas Remember the Persecuted
Suicide Bomber Responsible for Monsul Attack
Peace Returning to Southern Sudan
Christmas - Good News of Great Joy
Police Focus on Friend of Missing Tempe woman
Russia Steps Back Into Totalitarianism
Smallest Baby Was Delivered at 25 Weeks
Firefox Challenges Microsofts Aging Internet Explorer
Fake but True Alert
Blogging of America
Famous Atheist Now Believes in God (II)
Answers from Umbilical Cord Adult Stem Cells
EBay Executive Arrested for Obscene Material
Target: the Customer is Always Right
Powerline Named Blog of the Year
Ethical Embryonic Stem Cell Research Proposed
Who Will Watch the UN Peacekeepers?
Man-Made, Kwanzaa Is for Pagans
Pope John Paul and Civilized Progress
Writing Help for Bloggers
Adult Stem Cells May Reverse Cirrhosis of the Liver
Skull Repaired with Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy
Poor Parenthood
High School Censors Christian Band
Famous Atheist Now Believes in God
Peterson Gets the Death Penalty
Leading Medical Ethics Expert Suggests Suicide
Embryonic Stem Cells without an Embryo?
Reporter Manipulated Soldier's Question to Rumsfeld
Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Testimonial from Russia: Spinal Cord Injuries Reversed
Late Night Blogging and Obesity
Blog Explosion Visitors - Take My Survey
Ongoing UN Scandals Reflect Systemic Corruption
Voter Demographics and Abortion
Short Shots v4 - Interesting and Amazing
Post Birth Abortions
Fired for Quoting Gibson on Stem Cell Research
Positive Economic News
Adult Stem Cells Treat Incontinence
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Used for Leukemia Treatment
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Used to Treat Vision Loss
Stem Cell Therapy Reportedly Reverses Paralysis
Brett Farve Day Nov. 29, 2004
Thanksgiving Day, 2004
Rather Steps Down, Finally
Don't Mess with W
Google Rolls Out Search Product for Scholars
Kerry Blames Bin Laden (Not Bush)
Speculation Continues Over Arafat's Death
Scramjet Hits Mach 10
CBS Credibility Continues Decline
Private Schools Preferred by Educators
Vast Majority Support Peterson Verdict
Prayer for those Suffering Persecution
Americans United for Life Response to Peterson Verdict
Cheney in Hospital for Tests
Peterson Found Guilty of Murdering Wife and Son
Omissions in Arafat’s Obituary
Increased Traffic with Blog Explosion
Arafat dead. No, really.
Exploiting a Mistake (Mark Belling)
John Ashcroft Resigns, Replaced with Alberto Gonzales
Abortion Debate Flares in Australia
Regulating Assisted Suicide in Oregon?
Arafat Reportedly Died (Again)
Neophyte Pundit Review
Pray for Our Troops in Falluja
Specter and Judge Bork
Power Struggle Continues Over Arafat's Future
Al Qaeda in Arizona?
Hugh Hewitt Advises Pro-Lifers About Arlen Specter
Do Pro-Life Laws Make a Difference?
Election Conspiracy Theories
Arafat Update: Out of Coma and Stable
Arafat's Sudden Illness Fuels Speculation
Not the Brightest Way to Win an Election
Want More Traffic? Try Blog Explosion
Finding Liberals who Oppose Abortion
Contradiction Dominates Reporting on Arafat
Why Arafat is the Father of Modern Terrorism
La Shawn Barber Celebrates One Year
Conflicting Reports About Yasser Arafat
American Life League Responds to Bush's Election
If only more people had voted ...
Pro-Life Judges Opposed by Moderate Republicans
Putin About Bush Victory
Left-Side of the Blog Reactions to the Election Results
The Revenge of Mozilla
Values, Character, Morality and Worldview Counts
Thank You John Kerry - Congratulations George W. Bush
States Vote Against Gay Marriage
Bush Wins, Kerry Disputes Ohio
Bush Wins Ohio (and the Election)
Bush Ahead in FLorida by Five
Incumbents Sweep Arizona’s Federal Races
Bush Wins Big in Arizona
Early Results favor Bush in Arizona
Can You Trust Exit Polls?
McCain Declared Winner in Arizona
Waiting, Watching, Posting - 2004 Election
Arizona Draws Large Crowds
The Final Slice (2004 Election)
Record Voter Turn-Out Expected in Arizona
Pre-Election Summary of the Arizona 2004 Presidential Race
Election Short Shots
Bush Speaks on Values, Abortion and Gay Marriage
Another Reason Why I'm Proud to be in a 'Red State'
Arizona 2004 Election Coverage
Kerry's War Position Undercuts the Cause
Prepare For Four More Years
Pro-Life Advocates: Vote for President Bush
Who Will You Pick?
More Facts Contradict Kerry's Charges about Al Qaqaa
Jane Roe, of Roe vs. Wade, Endorses Bush
Bush Defends Self While Kerry Escapes Judgement
Bush on Religion and Heaven
Everything They Said About Bush is True . . .
Weapons Arsenal Used to Target Bush
It’s Too Close to Scrape (Toast-O-Meter)
Security Council members deny meeting Kerry
Which President? Which Worldview
Misrepresentations Continue to Drive Politics of Stem Cell Research
Bush and Vatican Take Resolute Stands Against Human Cloning
Toast-O-Meter Rounds-Up, Summarizes Pre-Election Status
Bush Continues to Lead in Arizona
Presidential Election Poll Tracker
Kerry's Ongoing Faith-Based Contradiction
Pro-Lifers Divided over Bush's Record and Claims of Abortion Increase
Mrs. Laura Bush Shows Grace, Class
Faith without Deeds in the Politics of Abortion
Abortion Survivors Tell Their Story
Inconclusive Study Links Coffee and Heart Disease
Fox Poll Favors Bush
Sudan, Ethiopia Deny Persecution and Genocide
Nobel Laureates Reject Kerry's Economic Plan in Support of Free Trade
Silent No More Speaks About the Pain of Abortion
Crossing Picket Lines by John Kerry
Imminent Excommunication for Kerry, Kennedy and Company?
Supply -Side Economics and the National Debt
Kerry Campaign Accepts Blood Money from Abortionists
Religion Matters in Politics - Bush vs Kerry
Buchanan Endorces Bush
Iowa City Abortion Protest Draws 250
Military, Police Support Bush
Usama Bin Laden's Fate?
Light Posting on a Beautiful Weekend
Florida Right to Know Bill Struck Down
President Bush Refuses to Sign Pro-Abortion United Nations Statement
Pro-Kerry or Anti-Bush?
Powerline Sabotage Hits Milwaukee
National Debt Reaches Legal Limit
Wrap-Up of the Third Presidential Debate (MSM, Conservatives and Liberals)
Round 3 Bush vs Kerry
Political Wandering from Iraq to Magic Cell Phones
Giving a Voice to Third Party Candidates - Peroutka
Motivating Stem Cell Research ... and the Election
Pro-Life Blogs Launches
Initial Thoughts on Saddam's Deception and the U.S. Led Invasion
National Debt is an Unpopular Topic Among Candidates
John Kerry's Enigmatic Faith and Works
Short-Term Missions and MTW
Fifteen Minute Sermons?
Kerry's Criticism and Promises Ring Hollow
Poltical Party Milestones
Debate on Stem Cell Research
Second Debate Appears Divided Along Parisian Lines
Debate 2 - Initial Thoughs
Mount St. Helens Eruption Prediction Update
Christian Leaders Take a Stand for Morality in Election
Bin Laden in Iran?
Are You a Polarized Blogger?
Extensive Bribery by Saddam included UNSC Member Nations
Bush, Clinton and Kerry on WMD - Were they all fooled?
Today's Affirmation
Playing Both Sides of the Global Test
Weapons of Mass Destruction? Another Report by WND
Cheney - Edwards Vice Presidential Debate
Staggering National Debt Looms
Kerry Attacks Bush on Embryonic Stem Cell Stand
Who is the Pro-Life Candidate?
Price of Gasoline - Bush's Fault?
Post-Debate Question: Why Did Kerry vote for the War?
A Gmail Account Could be Yours
Post Debate Thoughts - Bush is Steadfast - Kerry Caters
Mount St. Helens Erupts
First Debate Round-Up Favors Kerry
Interesting Forged Forgery
Kerry's One Position on Iraq
Texas Attorney Launches Rathergate Probe
Pro-Life Blogs?
Why Bush Will Win
Pro-Life Pharmacist Faces Charges
Top Ten Bush Flip-Flops by CBS
Christian Carnival XXXVII
The Draft, Scare Tactics and Hoaxes (and yes, more from CBS)
League of Reformed Bloggers
Short Shots v3
Forced Abortion by the Chinese Government Enables Death Penalty
Do You LifeChain?
Bias Pervasive in MSM Reporting - an Example
CBS Plans Spring Retirement for Rather
INDC Catches Up with Bob Schieffer
A.W. Pink on Justification by Faith
Irreligious Studies Challenge Christians
Syria, Iran Plot Deal on Nuke Scientists
The Hidden Hand in the CBS Memo Scandal
CBS Inundated with Calls, Rather Fights for Job
The Case of the Biased Killian-Memo Poll
Book Takes Aim at the Purpose Driven Life
Know Your Liberals - an Easy Self-Test
Party Scare Tactics . . . Not So Bright
Complaint About CBS Memos Alleges Illegal Activity
One-Sided Polls Favor Bush
Burkett Blames CBS, the White House and Bloggers - Believes Memos Authentic
Where to begin to combat terrorism?
Kerry Pulls Out of Arizona
Judge In Norma McCorvey Case Blasts Roe v. Wade Abortion Decision
More Bad News for CBS, Mapes
CBS Forgery Bumps Expose' of Forgery
CBS Appoints Panel to Investigate Memo Scandal
Focus of External Criticism is on CBS Producer
Without Memos CBS Had No Story
CBS Puts Confidentail Unimpeachable Source in Contact with Top Democrat
Catholic Hospitals Perform Live Birth Abortions on Handicapped Newborns
Burkett Reveals His Role - Truth is Now Out?
Republicans Question CBS' Source Link to DNC
Dan Rather Speaks, CBS Expresses Regret
CBS Close to an Admission (of being misled)
An Upcoming Interview with Bill Burkett
Stewardship of God's Grace
CBS Insiders are Worried - Investigation Ongoing
DNC Had Forged Memos Before CBS?
Staudt Speaks Out - Memos Fake, Not Accurate
AP Story Reports Boos Rather than Bush's Act of Kindness
A Likely Source for the CBS Memos Part II
60-Minutes Interviews Knox, Rather Speaks Out
CBS' Anticipated Statement
Networks Continue to Criticize Bush Despite Memo Suspicions
The Twists and Turns of CBS's Memo Controversy
Document Experts Warned CBS Prior to Broadcast
WorldMagBlog Interviews Last CBS Witness (Strong)
USA Today Editor: White House Provided Memos
Lead Expert Admits Forgery Possible
The End is Near - Lead Source Can't Authenticate.
CBS Article Undermines Prior Assertions
A Likely Source for CBS Bush Guard Memos?
Polycarp's Faithfulness
List of Experts Mounts Against CBS Memos
Iranian Christians Suffer Persecution
Another CBS Source Turns, Undermining Memos
Mushroom Cloud Seen in North Korea
Pentagon: Documents are Fake
Our Nation Remembers - Remember More
CBS Against the World - Memos, memos, memos
National Women's Group Shares Pain, Regret Over Abortions
Political Strategy Backfires
Study Shows the Decline of Marriage Among Christians
Islamic Scholars asked to Rule on Terrorism
A Rush to Judgement on the President's Military Records?
Respecting Politicians During Elections
God's Grace on an Abortion Advocate and Provider
For and Agaist Military Action in Iraq
Short Shots v2
A Few Verses to Consider on Labor Day
When Will It End? Military Allegations Dominate Presidental Race
Amid Opposition, Bush Takes Signifiant Lead
African Christian Auctions Famous Weapon
Law Would Tell Mothers Abortion is Painful (to the child)
The President Speaks (RNC 2004)
Democrat Zell Miller, Speaker and Life Advocate
Inline Trackbacks for MovableType 3.1
Upgraded to Movabletype 3.1
Law and Government are Rooted in Faith
Centrality of God's Law in the Life of Men
Sola Gratia - Amazing Grace by John Newton
Short Shots v1
Planned Parenthood Connection to John Kerry Campaign Subject of Complaint
Cheney on Morality and Freedom
Controversy Continues Over Kerry's Military Record and 527s
Partial-Birth Ban Underscores Election Importance
Eugenics and its Link to Evolution and Abortion
Arizona Alarmed by AIMS Test Results
Keep Pavlov's Dog (Hot Sauce) Away from My Child
Listed in Blogs4God
Are We Getting Off-Track? (John Kerry's Military Record)
John Kerry's Pro-Life Record
Depo-Provera - Dangerous and Deadly
Dole's Criticism and John Kerry's 1971 Statements
Intimidating Letter Sent by DNC to News Outlets
Response by Sen. Kerry Levels Charges at the President
Forcing Birth Control Coverage is Forcing Abortion Coverage
Thoughts on Patriarchalism and the Family
Brief Note on Exaggeration and Stem Cell Research
Does an Important Message Justify Deception (John Kerry's Camodia Tale)
Another Cup of Coffee?
Tax Exempt Equals Agent of the State?
Christian Schools in Arizona - Time to Register
Church Membership, Family and Individualism
Justification Summarized by Westminster Seminary California
Free Software Available Online
Coffee, Caffeine and Diabetes
DNC Column by Ann Coulter
Nuclear Bombs and Iraq? WMD Found?
Adult Stem Cell Research Grows
Thirteen Reasons for Abortion (in one paragraph)
The Character of John Calvin
Life, the Bible and the Preborn
Order, Civility and Consequences
LifeNews Celebrates One-Year
George Washington on the Bible and Government
Great Quotes from Patrick Henry
Momentous Victory for Innocent Human Life
Saddam, Genocide and Abortion
Legal Plunder and the Common Good
Early Images of Pre-Born Children
Solomon's Wisdom
Weapon's of Mass Destruction and Mustard Gas?
Controversies, Conflict and Division in the Reformed Community
The Temple Priests Have Spoken
PCA Statement on Marriage and Sexuality
Captain Obvious Says We Need Dads
Standing Firm
The Supreme Court and Prayer
response to pro-gay clergy
Waiting for a Retraction (WMD)?
Presbyterians (PCUSA) and Abortion
So Long President Reagan
Freedom: The Price of Communistic Utopia
Catholic Gay Activists Denied Communion in Chicago
British Olympic Star Opts Against Having an Abortion
Silencing the Church
An Abortion Free America by January 2005
Upholding the Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion
Switched to Movabletype 3.0
New to Blogging - Try Blog Basics
Religion in Culture and Education
Arizona Decides Same-Sex Marriage License
Single Issue Politics and Abortion
Fight for Marriage May 24
West Nile Virus has Suspicious Origin
Babies Feel Pain During Abortions
Communion, Salvation, Abortion and Sin
Who are Your Spiritual Heroes?
Arizona Christian Listings
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Olmsted letter - pastoral care for homosexuals
Abortion Facts and Statistics
Abortion is a Political Litmus Test for Kerry
Arizona Marriage Rally
The Politicized Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
First Thoughts on Economic Value
Ladder of Inference
Peace in Sudan?
Rejecting Wisdom and Cultural Decline
Sen. John Kerry and Religion
Embryonic Research and Abortion
The Mark of a Minister
Pre-Born Protected by Law
Greatness by Alexis de Tocqueville
Exploiting the Prisoner Abuse Scandal
Emergency Contraception Denied but Still a Threat
Second Chance for Chinese Forced Abortion Foe
Iraqi Humiliation
The Miraculous Appearance of Age
Slaves Freed in Sudan
Always More Work to be Done in the Garden
Google Bombing Waffles
United Nations Sudan Debacle
Kerry Criticized by Former Sailors
Terrorism and Christian Action
Hostitcheap Review
Jesus and President Bush
Media Bias?
Digital Picture Development
Cynical, ugly and mean-spirited
Freedom of Speech?
Mainstream Emotive Reasoning
Majority of Americans are Pro-Life
Kerry's Metals
March For Abortion Attracts Lower Numbers Than Expected
Imprisoned Believers
Mission to China
Lessons from 9/11
Looking forward to 3.0
Government Control of Private Education
Media Rush Leads to Photo Error
Communion and Politicians
Eschatology and Hyper-Preterism
Separation of Church and State
Suffering and Ease
Oklahoma Bombing Tape
Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk
Tax Allergies
Constructive Action
Following Legitimate Authority
U.S. Marines Pray
The Gospel from the Canons of Dordt
Arizona Christian Schools
Westminster Shorter Catechism
The Danger of Missions
David Livingstone on Sacrifice
In the Image of God
Interpreting World Design
Thoughts on Worship
Testing XML Parsing
Worship and Missions
Interesting Days of Creation Remarks
For His Glory
Superstition Mountain
Going Through Closed Doors
Blogrolling Link List
China Launches Manned Space Mission
Coffee Drinkers Enjoy
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