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March 19, 2004

Arizona Christian Schools

Update: Here is a directory of Christian Schools in Arizona Here are two private Christian schools located in Mesa, Arizona that I can heartily recommend to those interested. First, Faith Christian School (K-12) "is a non-denominational, parent controlled school, founded in 1988 to provide a quality Christian education for Christian...
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March 17, 2004

Westminster Shorter Catechism

If the Westminster Assembly had done nothing more than produce the Shorter Catechism they would be entitled to the everlasting gratitude of the Christian church ... next to the Bible, it was probably the best book in the world.

Richard Baxter (1681)

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March 9, 2004

The Danger of Missions

Addressing the "impediment" of danger to frontier missions, noted missionary William Carey wrote "In respect to the danger of being killed by them, it is true that whoever does go must put his life in his hand, and not consult with flesh and blood; but do not the goodness of...
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March 6, 2004

David Livingstone on Sacrifice

For my own part, I have never ceased to rejoice that God has appointed me to such an office. People talk of the sacrifice I have made in spending so much of my life in Africa. Can that be called a sacrifice which is simply paid back as a small...
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March 3, 2004

In the Image of God

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen. 1:27 The greater part, and nearly all, conceive that the word "image" is to be distinguished from likeness. And the common distinction is, that image exists in...
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March 1, 2004

Interpreting World Design

In the book, Through New Eyes by James Jordan, the author describes the language of visual appearance in Gen. 1 which "serves to establish a visual grid, a worldview. There is no reason to be surprised at the notion that the world and its creatures have a symbolic dimension. Romans...
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