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December 31, 2004

FBI Interviews Man Over Cockpit Laser Incident

Law enforcement officers were questioning a Parsippany, New Jersey, man who they say may have pointed a laser beam at an airborne police helicopter Friday night and a Cessna aircraft two nights before, said a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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Islam and the Apostasy of Democracy

Democracy is a word of Greek origin meaning the sovereignty of the people... this concept is considered apostasy, contrary to the doctrine of one God and Sharia (Islamic law) - ABC News via the Command Post. The question the comes to mind is: Will Islamic nations, such as Iraq and...
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La Shawn Barber is Effective

Congratulations to La Shawn Barber whose effectiveness has been publicly recognized by the Left....
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Uganda's Full Ceasefire Deal Indefinitely Postponed

I had hoped that more good news, similar to what is happening in Sudan, would be reported about Uganda. Instead: KITGUM, Uganda (AFP) - Last-minute hitches prevented the planned signing of a ceasefire agreement between Uganda's government and Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels to end 18 years of war in...
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At Last, Peace in Sudan

Fact: Sudan, which on Saturday celebrates its 1956 freedom from Britain, has been embroiled in a series of civil wars for most of its independence. - Sudan Watch Sudan has chosen a great way to start the New Year: Amid singing and cries of joy, Sudan's government and southern rebels...
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Sudan Reaches Final Peace Agreement

Boston Globe - Sudan's government and southern rebels are expected to agree to the final chapters of a peace deal today, paving the way for a comprehensive agreement to end in January Africa's longest-running civil war, delegates said. The government and rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) said middle-ranking officials...
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War on Terror Motivates Peace in Africa

The aggressive war against international terrorism appears to be having a favorable effect on more restricted struggles in Sudan and Uganda. Today, it is likely that two momentous agreements will be signed, one in Sudan and one is Uganda, that will pave the way to future peace....
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December 30, 2004

Zimbabwe's Free Speech Policy

A 72-year-old businessman became the third Zimbabwean to be convicted in just under two months for allegedly denigrating President Robert Mugabe, local media reported on Wednesday. In an attempt to explain to his workers why he failed to either host a Christmas party for them or pay annual bonuses, Jason...
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Some Predict Tsunami Death Toll Over 400,000

The death toll in Acheh, the region worst hit by last Sunday's tsunami, may exceed 400,000 as many affected areas could still not be reached for search and rescue operations, Indonesia's Ambassador to Malaysia Drs H. Rusdihardjo said Thursday. He said the estimate was based on air surveillance by Indonesian...
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Earthquake-Tsunami Catastrophe Toll at 114,000

The death toll from last weekend's earthquake-tsunami catastrophe rose to more than 114,000 on Thursday as Indonesia uncovered more and more dead from ravaged Sumatra island, where pilots dropped food to remote villages still unreachable by rescue workers. A false alarm that new killer waves were about to hit sparked...
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The Thinking Blog

The network "thinks" -- it recognizes interesting stories, even if obscure, and finds the best information on those stories; it locates the experts and links to them. And it is way more efficient at doing so than traditional reporting: Traditional reporting relies on one or several individuals locating and interviewing...
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Court Denies Schiavo Euthanasia Appeal

LifeNews - In a decision released Wednesday with no written opinion, Florida's Second District Court of Appeal denied an appeal filed by the parents of disabled woman Terri Schiavo saying that starving her to death would be a violation of her religious liberties. Bob and Mary Schindler argue that euthanizing...
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Truth and Its Consequences

Donald Sensing of One Hand Clapping has published a preview of his upcoming book about the history, causes, and implications of the current conflict between the West and a powerful strain of Islam. His summary begins, This war is in fact a religious war all around, even though we of...
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December 29, 2004

Powerline's Daisy Chain

Minneapolis is a great place to live unless you are a liberal columnist for the Star-Tribune. Nick Coleman, one such writer, lambasted the Powerline guys for criticizing him and being, well, extreme. What is amazing is that Coleman takes issue with the journalistic integrity of bloggers and yet rightly characterizes...
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December 28, 2004

Ten Errors in One Paragraph by WaPo

Those who followed the Memogate Scandal will appreciate the list or errors identified by Scylla & Charybdis in one paragraph of a Washington Post article. (hat tip: LGF) Here is one of the errors that follows the fake but true pattern: shoddy record - Begs the question. Prior to the...
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The Explosive Growth of Christianity

According to Josh Claybourn, Christianity is exploding in Asian and Africa and is arguably the fastest growing religion in the world. He writes, When historians go to record human history over the last century, the rise and fall of communism and the expansion of American and capitalistic ideals may well...
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Christian Carnival at MediaSoul

Stacy Harp has posted the last Christian Carnival of 2004 at MediaSoul....
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Tsunami Toll Above 55,000, More Relief Needed

AFP News - Logistical problems hampered a massive humanitarian relief operation along Asia's devastated shores as the death toll from a huge earthquake and killer tidal waves surged past 55,000. With the scale of the catastrophe rapidly unfolding, the confirmed number of dead in 10 countries shot up to 55,175,...
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Why There is No Escaping the Blog

No one knows that better than Dan Rather. In a now infamous episode, the anchor fell like Goliath to the political bloggers during the presidential campaign. From the start, it was clear that these nobodies with laptops were going to have an impact. - Fortune Magazine Is "a nobody with...
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The Morality of Human Cloning for Stem Cell Research

According to the Associated Press, the creators of Dolly the sheep, the world's first mammal cloned from an adult, want to create cloned human embryos for stem cell research. For those who read this blog it should come as no surprise that I oppose the cloning of humans for stem...
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December 27, 2004

Scopes Monkey Trial Biology Text Listed Values

Joe Carter has an excellent post on the Scopes "Monkey" Trial; the case that successfully challenged a law forbidding evolution from being taught in public schools. Among the many items discussed by Joe is the content of the biology book that was used by Scopes. This "science" text included values...
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Zimbabwe Starves People, Declines Aid

Few articles have provoked me more than this one. Zimbabwe was once looked upon as the bread basket of Europe because it exported food to its neighbors. However, land reforms by the "elected" Marxist President Robert (election fraud) Mugabe have led to a complete demise of the country's agricultural industry....
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Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Make Red Blood Cells

French scientists found a way to make large quantities of red blood cells from [non-embryonic] stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. - Bloomberg...
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December 26, 2004

China's Support of Genocide in Sudan

As the UN Security Council and members of the international community struggle to end the atrocities taking place in Sudan, one of the biggest impediments to achieving peace is the government of China. In fact, the ability of the Sudanese government to persecute and kill is directly linked to the...
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China's Interest in Sudan

The following statement appeared in an article about Dafur titled "World put to shame as Sudan heads for disaster": [UN Secretary General Kofi] Annan is expected to report on Darfur next month, to try to evaluate whether genocide has taken place. But any question of sanctions is certain to be...
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Football Player and Minister, Reggie White, is No Longer with Us

There is no football player that I have more respect for than Reggie White and was surprised when I read the news of his death on PoliBlog. As a man who put his faith in Jesus Christ and lived accordingly, I am confident that the "minister of defense" is present...
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Earthquake in Asia Kills More than 11,000 - Pray

Update (12/30): Earthquake-Tsunami Catastrophe Toll at 114,000 - over an order of magnitude higher than listed in this original message. Update (12/28): I've posted more information here about the extent of the tradgedy (55,000 are reported killed) and the needed relief. Update (12/26 14:00 pst): One of the most powerful...
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Sudanese Government and SPLM Set Peace Agreement Date

The Sudanese government and the country's main southern rebel group will sign a peace agreement Jan. 10 in Kenya to end more than 20 years of civil war, a senior government official said Saturday. [LA Times] The "conflict", often consisting of the northern Islamic government's military bombing southern Sudan villages...
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Dutch Defend Newborn Euthanasia

Officials from the Dutch Ministry of Justice say the legislature of the Netherlands is preparing a new protocol designed to protect doctors who euthanize newborns with severe disabilities, according to Dr. Eduard Verhagen, the head of pediatrics at Groningen Hospital. - WorldNetDaily Currently, Dutch law permits doctors to administer a...
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December 25, 2004

A Present for Christians in Southern Sudan

Christians in southern Sudan have suffered over 20 years of intense persecution by the Muslim Khartoum government. Their churches have been bombed and schools destroyed. Hundreds of thousands were incarcerated into "peace camps" (concentration camps). After years of effort, it appears that the Islamic government of Sudan and the Sudan...
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Chile Peppers Decorate Our AZ Christmas Tree

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December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas from Around the Blog

Merry Christmas and God's blessing on you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Risen King. God came to earth, a sacrificial gift for the sins of the world, so that man might know forgiveness, freedom, true Peace, and communion with Him. - TheGreatSeparation John 1:14And...
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Presidential Christmas Message 2004

From the Whitehouse (hat tip: David Limbaugh) For 2,000 years, Christmas has proclaimed a message of hope: the patient hope of men and women across centuries who listened to the words of prophets and lived in joyful expectation; the hope of Mary, who welcomed God's plan with great faith; and...
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Absolute Moral Truths at the Evangelical Outpost

Visit the interesting discussion on absolute moral truths at the Evangelical Outpost. Both the original post and discussion are worth perusing. Here is a useful excerpt: The secular postmodern world believes that God doesn’t exist. Ontologically speaking he possesses no Being and, obviously, no knowledge. Postmoderns do, generally speaking, believe...
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December 23, 2004

Body Found but Tempe Woman Still Missing

In an unfortunate and bizarre turn to an already sad story, Tempe police found the body of a man Thursday night inside the home of a missing Tempe woman [more]. The discovery was apparently made while checking on the welfare of Taw Benderly, the boyfriend of the missing woman. While...
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Democrats Rethink Abortion Strategy

After long defining itself as an undisputed defender of abortion rights, the Democratic Party is suddenly locked in an internal struggle over whether to redefine its position to appeal to a broader array of voters. [LA Times] While a change in the Democratic position on abortion is long overdue, a...
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December 22, 2004

Abortions and Taxes Pay Planned Parenthood's Bills

"Increases in abortions, more money from taxpayers' pockets, and bigger profit margins - all while clinics are closing down and donations are dwindling. That is the state of Planned Parenthood," said Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International, in response to the release of Planned Parenthood Federation...
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Christian Carnival: Christmas Edition

The Christian Carnival is up at the Patriot Paradox. The theme is Christmas and there are several excellent posts. "And there were in the same country shepherds, abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the...
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During Christmas Remember the Persecuted

Thanks to Michelle Malkin who, during the Christmas Season, redirects our attention to the persecuted church through-out the World. I add to her brief summary the countries of Sudan, Uganda and Zimbabwe where oppression and persecution of Christians is intense. Finally, brethren, pray for us that the word of the...
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Suicide Bomber Responsible for Monsul Attack

New evidence shows the bombing of a U.S. military mess tent in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday — which killed 22 people and wounded more than 70 others — was a suicide attack, ABC News has learned. A civilian contractor willing to give his life for the...
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Peace Returning to Southern Sudan

For the war torn and perscuted in Southern Sudan the following report is a sign of God's blessing. A comprehensive peace agreement between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) to end two decades of conflict in the south could be signed within days, officials involved in...
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December 21, 2004

Christmas - Good News of Great Joy

Luke 2:8 In the same region there were [some] shepherds staying out in the fields and keeping watch over their flock by night. 9 And an angel of the Lord suddenly stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them; and they were terribly frightened. 10 But...
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Police Focus on Friend of Missing Tempe woman

Like many Arizona residents, I’ve purchased furniture from Terri’s Consignment, now a well-known series of Phoenix area furniture stores called "Terri's Consign & Design". The sad news that Terri’s mother, Lorretta Bowersock, has been missing after being dropped off at a Tuscon Mall by her long-time companion came to Valley...
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Russia Steps Back Into Totalitarianism

Russia has restricted rights to such an extent that it has joined the countries that are not free for the first time since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, Freedom House said Monday, marking Moscow's march away from the Western democracies it has embraced as diplomatic partners. [AP via...
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Smallest Baby Was Delivered at 25 Weeks

Delivered at a gestational age of 25 weeks, Rumaisa Rahman weighed only 8.6 ounces and is the smallest baby ever to survive, according to her very proud doctors at Loyola University Medical Center. [Sun Times]...
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December 20, 2004

Firefox Challenges Microsofts Aging Internet Explorer

FIREFOX is a classic overnight success, many years in the making. Firefox 1.0 was released on Nov. 9. Just over a month later, the foundation celebrated a remarkable milestone: 10 million downloads. [NYTimes via SpreadFireFox] Mozilla's browser packs security protections and other welcome features that emphasize just how little Microsoft...
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Fake but True Alert

Richard Wolffe (Newsweek): What did you think of the bloggers' role in the Dan Rather affair? Ana Marie Cox: I think they did a disservice to the debate because they made the debate about the documents and not about the president of the United States. There was another half to...
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Blogging of America

If you are looking for something that explains the basics of blogging, Barbara O’Brien’s Blogging of America is for you. If you have a techno-challenged family member who doesn’t quite "get it" this book could very easily help. - read the full review by Steven Taylor....
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Famous Atheist Now Believes in God (II)

Last week I commented on the rejection of atheism by noted atheist, Antony Flew [more]. Imago Deo links to an excellent interview, well worth reading, between Gary Habermas (a theist) and Flew. The two met for a theist vs atheist debate in 1985 and developed a friendship that led to...
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Answers from Umbilical Cord Adult Stem Cells

With the recent California $3 billion hype surrounding the potential application of embryonic stem cell research, many have gotten the erroneous impression that stem cells (umbilical cord and adult) have not been successfully applied and lack the potential to treat chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Others continue to belief the...
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EBay Executive Arrested for Obscene Material

The CEO of India's Ebay subsidary, Baazee.com, was arrested after a seller listed an obscene video for sale [more]. Avnish Bajaj, a U.S. citizen, was taken into custody on Dec. 17 under section 67 of India's Information Technology Act, which relates to transmission of obscene material through electronic media. My...
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December 19, 2004

Target: the Customer is Always Right

In a strategic move that is likely to please many Christian conservatives, Walmart announced it will match donations given to the Salvation Army bell ringers outside its store entrances. This comes on the heals of a controversy over Target's decision to prohibit the Salvation Army from fundraising at the entrance...
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Powerline Named Blog of the Year

Time Magazine has named Powerline "Blog of the Year." The success of this conservative blog that publicized Rathergate is truly remarkable. Congratulations!...
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Ethical Embryonic Stem Cell Research Proposed

Reports of "ethical" embryonic stem cells first caught my attention several weeks ago at the Evangelical Outpost. Here is one such method that claims to produce stem cells that are quasi-embryonic without destroying a life: British scientists say they have found a way to trick nature into creating "ethical embryos"...
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Who Will Watch the UN Peacekeepers?

The systemic corruption of the United Nations is again confirmed as reports of massive sexual abuse by "peacekeepers" in the Congo are reported. [via Captain Ed]...
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December 18, 2004

Man-Made, Kwanzaa Is for Pagans

Attention Christians: Kwanzaa is a made-up creed cobbled together by a man hostile to the very God you claim to worship! According to Karenga, Christianity is a myth. He does not believe in the God of the Bible. He says this about Christianity: “Belief in spooks who threaten us if...
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Pope John Paul and Civilized Progress

Pope John Paul publicly condemned homosexual marriage as a radical and aggressive attack on the family and the fabric of society. "Who destroys this fundamental fabric causes a profound injury to society and provokes often irreparable damage," he said. [more] Commenting and homosexual marriage (an oxymoron), abortion and other issues...
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December 17, 2004

Writing Help for Bloggers

Better writing means better blogging....
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Adult Stem Cells May Reverse Cirrhosis of the Liver

UK researchers are pioneering tests of the use of adult stem cells which could reverse cirrhosis of the liver. [more]...
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Skull Repaired with Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy

Another successful therapeutic application of stem cells without destroying a humon embryo. SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 16, 2004--MacroPore Biosurgery, Inc. (Frankfurt: XMP), and The University of Giessen today announced the publication of a case report from Europe using adipose derived stem cells to treat a damaged region in a skull of...
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December 16, 2004

Poor Parenthood

Planned Parenthood's newest annual report is out and no one is surprised that the number of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood clinics went up again. In 2003, they performed 244,628 abortions. That's up 6.1% from last year and up a whopping 48.1% from 1997 when they performed 165,174 abortions. -...
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High School Censors Christian Band

From Toledoblade via Drudge: Rossford High School officials were considering letting a Christian rock band play during an anti-drug assembly next week, but decided yesterday to cancel the performance because of concerns over having religious music played in a public school. "We are just shutting the whole thing down," Rossford...
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December 14, 2004

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God

An interesting article about Antony Flew begins with the revelation that the noted atheist has changed his mind: At age 81, after decades of insisting belief is a mistake, Antony Flew has concluded that some sort of intelligence or first cause must have created the universe. A super-intelligence is the...
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December 13, 2004

Peterson Gets the Death Penalty

Jurors today recommended Scott Peterson be put to death for the slayings of his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn son. [more] I'm listening to a live interview with three of the jurors. They are emotional as they discuss the the case and the dark picture that developed of a...
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December 12, 2004

Leading Medical Ethics Expert Suggests Suicide

It's true: BRITAIN'S leading medical ethics expert has suggested that the frail and elderly should consider suicide to stop them becoming a financial burden on their families and society. [more] Update: see Physicists Perspective and Stacey Harp for insightful commentary....
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December 10, 2004

Embryonic Stem Cells without an Embryo?

This post and related comments at the Evangelical Outpost are worth a looking at. I haven't studied and will not comment (yet) on the claim that there is a morally acceptable means for procuring ESCs through a technique known as "altered nuclear transfer." But, I am interested in the opinion...
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December 9, 2004

Reporter Manipulated Soldier's Question to Rumsfeld

Over the past several days the press has been filled with reports following the tough questions that were asked of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by U.S. soldiers during a Town Hall Meeting in Kuwait. However, Drudge and others are reporting that reporter Edward Pitts from the Chattanooga Times Free Press,...
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December 6, 2004

Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Testimonial from Russia: Spinal Cord Injuries Reversed

Previously I commented on the seemingly miraculous reversal of paralysis by Korean researchers using stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. It appears the Russians have developed a therapy to treat spinal cord damage using stem cells derived from the patient's own nasal tissues [more]...
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Late Night Blogging and Obesity

People who sleep less are more likely to be obese, according to a 15-year long research study published today. It turns out the hormone ghrelin, which triggers feelings of hunger, is 15 percent higher in individuals who regularly sleep for five hours as compared to those who sleep for eight....
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December 5, 2004

Blog Explosion Visitors - Take My Survey

Have thirty seconds to kill? How about taking my survey to the right? For those who have never heard of BlogExplosion it is a free service for generating traffic to your blog by surfing other sites. Click here for more info....
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Ongoing UN Scandals Reflect Systemic Corruption

With the publication of the Duefler Report in early October, it became very obvious that high ranking officials in the United Nations had engaged in criminal activity by taking bribes from Saddam Hussein. More recently, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was implicated in Iraq's oil-for-food scandal [Washington Times]. This is...
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Voter Demographics and Abortion

According to Phillip Longman, a demographer at the New America Foundation, Bush states had a 13 percent higher fertility rate than their blue counterparts, whose base, as he puts it, is essentially "non-replicating." [Joel Kotkin via Michelle Malkin] What defect would limit the blue state voters from replicating? Kotkin seems...
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December 4, 2004

Short Shots v4 - Interesting and Amazing

News Alert (Update): Police are looking for a blow-up figure of SpongeBob SquarePants swiped from a Minnesota Burger King. They've found a ransom note which starts off: "We have SpongeBob." It then demands, "Give us ten Crabby Patties, fries and milkshakes." (via Michelle Malkin) Paralyzed Dogs Walk - Dogs with...
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December 3, 2004

Post Birth Abortions

Euthanasia of newborns is already being practiced in the Netherlands. Dutch doctors are asking the Netherlands government for guidelines on so-called "mercy killings" after revelations surfaced this week that a hospital in the European nation has been killing several newborns a year it determines are not healthy enough to live....
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December 2, 2004

Fired for Quoting Gibson on Stem Cell Research

Julianne Thompson, a NY school bus driver, states that she was fired after sharing with students an article about stem cell research without giving her opinion [Reuters]. It would seem her mistake was quoting actor Mel Gibson, who asserted that the 20 years of embryonic stem cell research have not...
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