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January 31, 2005

Michael J. Fox Promotes Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Wisconsin

Michael J. Fox will join Gov. Jim Doyle for a tour of the Waisman Center in Madison Feb. 1 in an effort to promote embryonic stem cell research [more here and here]. Doyle suggests that ESC research is consistent with Wisconsin’s reputation as a leader in biotechnology and has great...
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U.N. report says Darfur violence is not genocide

Another reason the U.N.'s problems are systemic: A U.N. commission on Sudan has concluded that systematic, government-backed violence in the western region of Darfur was not genocide, but that there was evidence of crimes against humanity with an ethnic dimension. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Darfur...
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January 29, 2005

Iraq Makes History, Elections Begin

Iraqis voted Sunday in their country's first free election in a half-century, defying threats of violence and an initial round of attacks from insurgents determined to sabotage the balloting. As he cast his vote, President Ghazi al-Yawer called it Iraq's first step "toward joining the free world." - more Despite...
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GodBlogCon 2005 Mesa, AZ

I'll be there. Will you?...
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Listening to Ali Blog from Iraq

Ali, a Blogger who lives in Baghdad, Iraqi, writes: Still and with all this skepticism, I'm going to vote and I don't care if it means risking my life and I don't even care that much how the end results are going to be, not now! The reason that is...
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On the Eve of Elections Iraq Needs Christian Voters

Iraq prepares to enter the international community of free nations with tomorrow’s historic election. Anyone reading the headlines would think that no one will be voting in the election. For example, Reuters leads with "Iraq to Vote Shadowed by Threat of Bloodbath" and to make matters worse, the U.S. Embassy...
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January 28, 2005

The Intrinsic Value of Humans

Imago Dei has had a number of posts covering the value of humans related to the topics of embryonic stem cell research and abortion. In a recent entry the two different ways entities receive value are considered. Something that is intrinsically valuable has an inherent worth based upon what it...
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January 27, 2005

Christian Carnival #54 Now Online

The Christian Carnival is online at Digitus, Finger & Co. Neil has done an excellent job organizing and commenting on a massive round-up of what look like excellent posts....
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Sudan Continues to Violate Darfur Cease-Fire

Sudan violated its cease-fire agreement with Darfur rebels by bombing a North Darfur state village, sources in Khartoum's aid community said on Thursday. - moreOn the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp today, there is the terrible sense that the lessons of the Holocaust are slipping...
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Kennedy Calls for US Withdrawl from Iraq

The United States should start to withdraw militarily and politically from Iraq and aim to pull out all troops as early as possible next year, Sen. Edward Kennedy said on Thursday. ... Besides ending its military presence, Kennedy said the United States must stop making political decisions in Iraq and...
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Calling all Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) Bloggers

Bloggers who are part of the Presbyterian Church in America have a great opportunity to join other like minded individuals here. Thanks to Jolly Blogger we now have a PCA Aggregator! Update - Here are a couple of other PCA links for those interested: Main PCA Website Online Webmagazine Mission...
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Calling Christian Bloggers

Proverbial Wife lists key Christian bloggers, Carnivals and networks. Thanks for the excellent post! I would add to the list ProLifeBlogs, an aggregator and database started by a "GogBlogger" (me) and dominated by Christian sites....
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First Ever Christian Blogosphere Convention

SmartChristian is attempting to put together 100 bloggers who will committ to a Christian blogger conference in Mesa, AZ next FAll. I'll be there, will you? Click here....
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January 26, 2005

Spleen Stem Cells Produce Potential Cures

Previously, researchers discovered that adult stem cells taken from the spleen could regenerate the insulin-producing islets of the pancreas. The finding is significant because it provides a potential cure for diabetes. The same team is now reporting that spleen adult stem cells have properties previously believed to be present only...
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South Asia Marks Tsunami One Month Anniversary - Remembering 447 Thousand

Survivors of the tsunami disaster are marking the grim one-month anniversary of an event that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across the region. In addition to the 147,000 people who remain unaccounted for, nearly 300,000 people are now believed to have died when a magnitude 9.0-earthquake triggered a deadly...
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General Public Gives Majority of Red CrossTsunami Donations

GENEVA (Reuters) - The Red Cross federation, the world's biggest humanitarian group, said on Wednesday it had raised a record $1.167 billion in just 30 days for victims of the Asian tsunami, enough to fund a 10-year recovery plan. Some 85 percent came from donations by the general public, a...
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Kofi Annan's statement on Darfur, Sudan at the UN remembrance of the Holocaust

Sudan: the Passion of the Present provides an editorial by Eric Reeves regarding the recent statements UN Secretary General Kofi Annan made regarding Sudan. As you read the first several paragraphs below recall the Russia and China have rejected sanctions against Sudan....
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January 25, 2005

National Deficit and Debt Continue to Grow

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House has estimated that the U.S. budget deficit for 2005 will total $427 billion. "In the 2006 budget that we release on February 7, OMB will estimate that the 2005 deficit, including the outlay effects from the supplemental we are discussing today, will be 3.5...
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Separation of Church and State Equals Separation of Truth and State?

David at A Physicist's Perspective has had several interesting posts on the topic of Intelligent Design. In the latest he takes apart Instapundit's criticism of ID through very basic logical reasoning. I appreciated most his last paragraph: If there were scientific evidence God had created (and Darwinism is wrong), would...
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Bush Supports Pro-Life Legislation

President Bush supports congressional proposals requiring abortionists to warn some women that their unborn children will feel pain and banning adults from helping pregnant minors cross state lines to circumvent abortion laws requiring parental notification, the White House said last night. [more HT: BlogsforBush] Four thousand abortions are committed each...
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January 24, 2005

U.S. Stem Cell Lines are Contaminated

A "newly" found blow to researchers:All human embryonic stem-cell lines approved for use in federally funded research are contaminated with a foreign molecule from mice that may make them risky for use in medical therapies, according to a study released. [more]The finding is called a "setback" to the Bush administration...
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Embryonic Stems Cells are 'Useless'?

Before spending billions on embryonic stem cell research it would be a good idea to consider two significant issues. Here is the first:Most human embryonic stem-cell lines, including those available to federally funded researchers in the United States, may be useless for therapeutic applications. The body's immune defences would probably...
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January 23, 2005

Dutch Euthanizers Reflect Progressive Ethic of Death

A study published today in the Dutch Journal of Medicine reveals that doctors in the Netherlands have been killing infants born with disabilities at least since 1997, despite euthanasia of children being illegal in that country. Today's report cites 22 cases of babies born with spina bifida who were euthanized...
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January 22, 2005

Remembering 32 Years and 45 Million Deaths

In the United States, over 45 million pre-born children have been killed since the Jan. 22, 1973 Supreme Court Decision that legalized surgical abortion. Each year, nearly 20,000 abortions are performed after the 21st week of pregnancy. - more at Pro-Life Blogs. See also La Shawn Barber for a round-up...
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January 21, 2005

Christian Carnival Time

... 50 plus posts of great Christian reading at Sidesspot....
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Bush Inauguration Address Combats Tyranny with Freedom

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;...
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January 20, 2005

Confident, Optimistic Bush Approaches Inauguration

Bush speaks through the Washington Times (via Sounding the Trumpet): At noon today it will be my great honor to take the Presidential Oath of Office for the second time. I am humbled by the trust and confidence of my fellow citizens. With that trust comes a duty to serve...
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The Religious Heritage of the Inauguration

From today's New York Times: President Bush, who starts each day with prayer and Bible reading, will invoke divine blessings on the nation in his second inaugural address like every president before him. What makes his swearing-in different, however, is the enthusiasm of his Christian conservative supporters for his inaugural...
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bLogicus was down but not out

In case you were wondering... late yesterday a denial of service attack was launched against bLogicus through MovableType's comment system (I must be doing something right). The resulting outage was temporary but has led me to limit commenting to registered users. Thanks for reading!...
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January 19, 2005

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Endorses Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today to be the next secretary of state, but only after some spirited exchanges signaled that Iraq will be a divisive issue in President Bush's second term. The 16-to-2 vote by the panel cleared the way for Ms. Rice...
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Proponents of Embryonic Stem Cell Harvesting

Prothesis links to an insightful article related to the ethics of embryonic stem cell research. The author separates the ESC research proponents into two groups. The first believes that the embryo becomes a "person" at some undefined point in the continuum of development. They appeal to our moral sentiments in...
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Roe Demands an End to Abortion

Norma McCorvey, known as the "Roe" in the infamous 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision that legalized abortion, is petitioning the court to have the ruling overturned. On Monday she told Fox News, "We're going to be fling a Motion 60 brief tomorrow with the Supreme Court and ask...
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January 18, 2005

Perspectives on the Humanity of the Pre-Born

Pre-born at 19-WeeksNote: In the United States, over 45 million pre-born humans have been killed since the Jan. 22, 1973 Supreme Court Decision that legalized surgical abortion. Each year, nearly 20,000 abortions are performed after the 21st week of pregnancy. Recently I summarized an argument by Robert George and Patrick...
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January 17, 2005

Newt Gingrich as a Litmus Test for Moral Conservatives

Newt Gingrich is testing the waters for a possible bid at the presidency in 2008 and has become a litmus test for conservatives who believe that character counts and that what a person believes and does impacts his or her suitability for public office. You see, like former President Bill...
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Bush Backs Off Defense of Marriage Amendment

The Washington Post reports that President Bush has backed away from his push for a constitutional amendment that would "protect" marriage due to the realities of the Senate. However, Bush could not have expected a Senate with more than 67 Republican Senators back in 2004 when he previously pledged his support of DOMA. In fact, given the overwhelming nationwide defeat of referendums aimed at establishing gay marriage, if anything, Bush has more public support than before. Did election outcome divert the gay marriage "crisis" that invoked the President prior statements?

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Zimbabwe Suffers Under Communism's Rule

Although Zimbabwe previously exported food, now approximately 7 million Zimbabweans are dependent on external food aid. 75% of Zimbabwe’s population are now living below the poverty line. Out of originally 5 500 productive commercial farms, today less than 500 farms are in any way operational. So far the Zimbabwean government...
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The Deficit Shrinks, Debt Remains

Lawrence Kudlow reports in the Washington Times that the improved economy, resulting from tax breaks, has led to a decrease in the national deficit. Here's one story you won't find on tomorrow's front pages: "The U.S. budget deficit is shrinking rapidly." The headline would be accurate, but the mainstream media...
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January 16, 2005

Switching to a New Host

I'm moving bLogicus to a new host today and upgrading to MovableType 3.14. Hopefully it will go smoothly but you can never tell ... Update: The switch was successful with a few minor glitches. I plan to write a short review of my prior host, P4Host.com, and why I decided...
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Atheist Newdow Fails to Stop Inauguration Prayer

America's first president was convinced of the gracious guiding hand of God on the founding of our nation, and he chose to speak of that "Divine Interposition" in his first inaugural address. --Presidential Prayer Team Atheist Michael Newdow lost in his bid Jan. 13 to have prayer removed from President...
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January 15, 2005

Embryos are Humans of the Same Kind

Robert George and Patrick Lee have published what is one of the clearest statements I've read on the ethics of embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. Appearing in the New Atlantis, their article is titled Acorns and Embryos and is a response to an argument put forward by the New England...
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March of Dimes Prevents Birth Defects?

The March of Dimes famous advertisement reads, "Give to the March of Dimes. Help prevent birth defects." The not-so-secret truth is that the organization has embraced abortion as one (the main?) means to accomplish their objective. If truth-in-advertising applied to them they would need to change their slogal to: "Give...
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January 14, 2005

Tsunami Death Toll Hits 272,000

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - An official document posted here says that nearly 210,000 people in Indonesia are dead or missing from the Dec. 26 tsunami, a death toll that appears to be far higher than officials have reported publicly. Rescue workers think even that number may be low. The larger...
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January 13, 2005

Stem Cells Help Paraplegic Progress After Accident

Another successful application of adult stem cells.Susan, a paraplegic, and Laura, a quadraplegic, were told they would never walk again after separate debilitating automobile accidents damaged their spinal cords. However, both are beginning to do just that after transplant surgery using their own stem cells, thus adding their names to...
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The Toll of Abortion

A reason to grieve: There were 246 abortions reported for every 1,000 live births in 2001, a ratio slightly higher than the one for 2000 - 245 abortions per 1,000 live births. - CNS...
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Evolution Disclaimer Ruled Unconstitutional

Associated Press - A federal judge Thursday ordered a suburban Atlanta school system to remove stickers in its high school biology textbooks that call evolution "a theory, not a fact," saying the disclaimers were an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. "By denigrating evolution, the school board appears to be endorsing the...
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Peace in the South Bad for Dafur?

With peace in the South, Sudan government forces can be re-directed . . . At the weekend, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the government had started a massive build-up of forces and logistics in Darfur and said they were still using the Janjaweed Arab militia in their operations rather than...
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Zimbabwe: Freedom of the Press Long Gone

The government-controlled Media and Information Commission (MIC) has threatened the recently launched independent publication "Weekly Times" that it risks imminent closure for allegedly misleading the commission on the thrust of its editorial policy. - AllAfrica Zimbabwean journalists caught practicing without being accredited by the Media and Information Commission (MIC) now...
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Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction is Over

Washington - The White House acknowledged Wednesday that its hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, a two-year search costing millions of dollars, has closed down without finding the stockpiles that President Bush cited as a justification for overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Bush's spokesman said the president had no regrets about...
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January 12, 2005

Bush's Faith in God

'I don't see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord'... George W. Bush Reporters and editors from the Washington Times were granted an interview in the Oval Office during which the President outlined the role of faith in his life. Mr. Bush said he leans heavily...
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Diabetes and Stem Cells Research

Type I diabetes, commonly diagnosed during childhood, is a condition in which the body does not produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is used in the body to process glucose by transporting it from blood into cells. Consequently, the disease is marked by chronically high blood glucose levels that...
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January 11, 2005

Shocked, Mapes Stands By Her Story

Mary Mapes, former producer of the scandalous CBS Bush-Guard Story, has released a public response to an independent panel's review and report, stating, "I am shocked by the vitriolic scape-goating in Les Moonves’s statement." Among her more optimistic claims is an insistence that the CBS Memos are accurate. She writes...
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January 10, 2005

Rather Stands by His Claim that the Fake Story is Accurate

The Report on the CBS Rathergate scandal contains this bombshell: [Rather] told the Panel, that he did not fully agree with the decision [to apologize] and still believes that the content of the documents is accurate. The Panel is troubled by these conflicting statements. Update: Mary Mapes, the story's producer,...
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CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story, Mapes Terminated

This just in from CBS regarding the release of their 234 page Rathergate Report: Four CBS News employees, including three executives, have been ousted for their role in preparing and reporting a disputed story about President Bush’s National Guard service. [see Memos, Memos, Memos ...] The action was prompted by...
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Independent Review Panel Examining CBS Issues Report of Its Findings

The Independent Review Panel assigned to examine CBS News' "60 Minutes Wednesday" Broadcast of Sept. 8, 2004 has issued its report. The panel was comprised of the Honorable Dick Thornburgh, former US Attorney General, and Louis D. Boccardi, retired President and Chief Executive Officer of the Associated Press. The 224...
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Indian Scientists Treat 160 Eye Patients Using Adult Stem Cells

The successful use of adult and cord stem cells continue to be reported. Here is another, Researchers in India have used adult stem cells in the successful treatment of over 160 patients with damaged retinas. The announcement was made by Dr D Balasubramaniam, director of Hyderabad's L V Prasad Eye...
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Bush urges Sudan, rebels to implement peace pact in good faith

"I call on the Government of Sudan and on all Darfur rebel groups to live up to their ceasefire commitments, to end atrocities, and to allow the free movement of humanitarian workers and supplies," President George W. Bush....
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Sudan Peace Must End Darfur Genocide Today: Powell

US Secretary of State Colin Powell used the signing of the Sudan peace accord to demand an immediate end to the genocide and atrocities in Dafur - more. "These new ’partners for peace’ must work together immediately to end the violence and the atrocities that continue to occur in Darfur,"...
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January 9, 2005

Bloggers Expose Washington State Election Anomalies

State Republicans have filed a lawsuit contesting the results of the extremely close governor's election. Democratic Christine Gregoire won a hand recount by 129 votes out of nearly 2.9-million ballots over Dino Rossi. He came out with more more votes on Election Day and in a machine recount. John...
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Finding Courage in Rathergate

Pittsburgh Tribune Review quotes Marvin Kalb, a former CBS and NBC news correspondent, regarding Dan Rather's criticism of those who exposed CBS's use of forged memos. "Television must deal with political pressures to conform to resurgent conservative values that appear to be stifling editorial courage in the newsroom. (Dan) Rather...
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Sudan Peace Accord Signed by GOS and SPLM

Associated Press - Sudan's vice president and the country's main rebel leader signed a comprehensive peace agreement to end Africa's longest-running conflict Sunday, concluding an eight-year process to stop a civil war in the south that has cost more than 2 million lives since 1983. Incredible news! After 21 years...
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January 8, 2005

Sudan Peace Deal Ceremony Opens in Nairobi

Kenya - A ceremony to mark the signing of a peace deal between the Sudanese government and southern rebels opened amid high hopes for a final end to Africa's longest-running conflict. The pact, which formally ends 21 years of war, was to be signed by Sudan's Vice President Ali Osman...
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Critics Question Trust in the United Nations Tsunami Relief Effort

The oil-for-food Iraqi relief effort, with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the helm, ended in a complete debacle as members of the security council took bribes and engaged in widespread corruption. The most recent report reveals: Internal audits conducted by the United Nations of its oil-for-food program revealed lapses in...
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Adult Stem Cells and Liver Disease

I'm not sure what stage this research has progressed to but the report is that adult stem cells may be used to treat cirrhosis of the liver. The increasing number of middle-aged patients with chronic liver disease caused by heavy drinking is forcing doctors to look at new ways of...
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January 7, 2005

Details Emerge in Case of Missing Arizona Woman

Lorretta Bowersock was originally reported missing by her long-time companion, Taw Benderly, after apparently being dropped her off at a Tuscon shopping mall. [more]. The case became widely publicized because Bowersock is the mother of a well-known Phoenix entrepreneur who has been outspoken about the case, the use of psychics...
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Chinese Woman Tortured After Coerced Abortion Faces More Jail Time

Anyone who is uncertain about China's human rights policies should consider the plight of this poor Chinese citizen whose crime was getting pregnant. The response of the government was/is re-education (torture) and coerced abortion....
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Gilbert, Arizona Priest Loses Job

Gilbert - The Rev. John Cunningham has been fired as pastor at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Gilbert, eight months after he was suspended and a month after criminal allegations were made against him. Cunningham's attorney, his brother James, said Wednesday that the priest received a letter from Bishop...
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Tsunami toll rises above 165,000

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Friday toured the devastation from Asia's tsunami as the world body took charge of the relief operation for the disaster which left over 165,000 dead. .... But the United Nations has warned that tens of thousands more dead may be as yet unaccounted for in...
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January 6, 2005

Director Blames Audience for Film Failure

Often-controversial director Oliver Stone has blamed the failure of his epic film Alexander on the "raging fundamentalism" in the U.S. South... Some conservative groups objected to Alexander's portrayal of the famous warrior as a bisexual. - more Interestingly, the historian Plutarch, while probably embellishing Alexander's character, describes Alexander as follows,...
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CBS Report on Fake Memos Set for Release

According to Drudge: THU JAN 06 2005 10:46:50 ET // SOURCES: CBS REPORT ON '60 MINUTES' AIRING OF FAKE BUSH DOCS SET FOR RELEASE...Is it too much to hope for an impartial analysis of the facts? [more on the panel]...
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Adult Stem Cell Research Success Continues to Grow

From Every Thought Captive - Stem Cell Update: Adult Stem Cells Still Doing Most of the Real Work - The world of stem cell research continues to spin, and the successes of non-embryonic stem cells continue to grow. Check out Stem Cell Conspiracy as well as my pro-life posts....
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Intelligent Design and Dover Area School District

Reuters - A Pennsylvania school district on Wednesday rejected charges that plans to include references to an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution in high school biology classes would be illegal. The Dover Area School District near Harrisburg is the first in the United States to introduce "Intelligent Design," a...
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January 5, 2005

Meeting the Deeper Needs of the Soul

Changing Worldviews asks an insightful question after noting the tremendous international response in meeting the physical needs of Tsunami survivors: What of the deeper needs of the soul? Organizations, churches, and missionaries are also on the scene to help the survivors process through this violation of nature, emotionally, mentally and...
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Tsunami Death Toll Could Double Due to Hunger, Disease

The hungry scavenged for food and water and the wounded flooded hospitals in Aceh as a global relief effort yesterday struggled to help survivors of the tsunami catastrophe. Hundreds of dazed and haggard survivors roamed the streets of Banda Aceh, a city of more than 300,000 on the northern tip...
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Helicopter Attack in the Andaman Islands

The Bad News: An Indian helicopter dropping food and water over the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been attacked by tribesmen using bows and arrows. The Good News: There were fears that the endangered tribal groups had been wiped out when massive waves struck their islands. But the authorities...
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Lasting Peace in Sudan Requires Accountability

The imminent peace accord between the Islamic Government of Sudan and the SPLM lacks several fundamental components. Notably, accountability for the atrocities committed against civilians in the South, including slavery, is not part of the deal [more from Passion of the Present]. Further, the composition of the GOS government will...
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Dafur Human Rights Violations Continue to be Ignored

News obsession with the catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami, and the easy headlining of an impending peace-signing ceremony in Nairobi between Khartoum and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), have led to significantly diminished attention to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. This is so despite the vast, genocidal nature of human...
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Prosperity Linked to Economic Freedom

Heritage House's 2005 Index of Economic Freedom studied prosperity and economic freedom by analyzing 50 independent variables indicative of freedom in 161 countries. The greater the level of government interference in the economy and the less economic freedom a country enjoys. Based on the index, Conservative Life observes, "There is...
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Tsunami Cost Estimated Over $15 Billion

Singapore - The tsunami havoc could add up to an overall capital loss of US$15bn in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, a Citigroup report said on Wednesday. But the US banking firm shared the consensus view that total economic costs will be marginal compared to the human losses....
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Stem cells extracted from a placenta

A group of researchers in Taiwan announced that they have successfully isolated a population of multipotent cells from a human placenta, which could be a new source of stem cells and could provide an alternative to embryonic stem cells or stem cells taken from adults....
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Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood have effectively treated heart attacks in animals, suggesting a new source of cells for human treatments. BetterHumans reports: "Cord blood stem cells may be more amenable to repairing hearts," says study coauthor Paul Sanberg. "In addition, cord blood stem cells are readily accessible, easy...
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Adult Stem Cells Treat Disease of the Central Nervous System

StemCells, Inc., a development-stage company at the forefront of adult stem cell research, has filed its first Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking approval to use adult human brain cells in clinical work to develop a treatment for Batten disease -- a...
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January 4, 2005

Remembering Reggie White

MediaSoul notes the Focus on the Family Reggie White special currently being broadcast. White was a key member of the 1997 Super Bowl-winning Green Bay Packers team, a formidable defensive lineman and an ordained minister. He and his wife were devoted to inner-city ministry and founded the organization Urban Hope,...
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Teen Charged in Death of His Unborn Child

A juvenile is being charged for aborting his child after he chose to use blunt force trauma to the abdomen of his willing girlfried (HT: Drudge)PRNewswire - Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith authorized criminal charges today against a sixteen-year-old Richmond male accused of terminating his girlfriend's pregnancy with a souvenir...
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Man Charged in Laser Helicopter Incident

Although he claims that the incident was an accident, David Banach is being charged: Newsday - A Parsippany man who first claimed his daughter aimed a laser at a helicopter later told federal agents that he pointed the light beam at two aircraft, authorities said Tuesday. David Banach faces charges...
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Final Sudan Peace Agreement to be Signed

This Sunday the Islamic government of Sudan will sign a final peace agreement with the Christian and animist Southern Peoples Liberation Movement/Army ending 21 years of war. Since war began in 1983, more than 2 million people have died, approximately 628,000 Sudanese have sought refuge in neighboring countries, and more...
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Abortionist Confesses 'Yes, I End Life'

Ten years ago John Salvi sprayed bullets into two Brookline abortion clinics, killing two people and wounding five. Boston Magazine used the anniversary of this crime to published the comments of a Brooline abortionist who performs as many as 10 abortions a day, twice a week. She states, I have...
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January 3, 2005

Tsunami Survivors at Risk of Disease and Malnutrituion

Survivors of the Tsunami disaster are dying or at great risk due to disease, malnutrition, inadequate water and the lack of medical attention. The following article captures the daunting challenge that relief workers face in their race to meet the needs of the suffering. Telegraph - Survivors of last week's...
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Aiding Tsunami Victims

With the death toll surpassing 150,000, the Tsunami in Asia is one the greatest disasters of recent history. The danger of disease and famine among survivors is significant and the rebuilding process will take years. What can be done from afar to help the Tsunami victims? First, the value of...
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The Number of Blog Readers is Large and Growing

Hyscience aggregates a variety of source to conclude: The number of blog readers is large and is growing significantly, they are 27% of internet users or about 32 million people, and that number represents about a 58% increase in 9 months. See Jeff Jarvis' post and in particular the plot...
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Obstacles Remain for Sudan's New Hopes of Peace

During the next week the Islamic Government of Sudan and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement are expected to sign an agreement that many hope will raise a new era of peace out of a history marked with conflict and fighting....
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January 2, 2005

Another Laser Incident in Nashville at 3,000 Feet

NASHVILLE, Tenn -- An investigation is underway Sunday night at Nashville International Airport after an airline was hit by a laser beam. An FBI spokesman says United Airlines Flight 7136 from Nashville to Chicago landed safely. The FBI and TSA say the flight was flashed by a laser while it...
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Will Sudan Keep its Agreement with the SPLM - Part 2?

While the SPLM is well aware of the treachery of the North, the SLM warns that "the war will take new forms." The concern being that what Khartoum could not accomplish by terrorizing the citizens of the South it may be able to achieve at the bargaining table via a political slight of hand - a new form of war.

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Key Events During Sudan's 21-Year Civil War

Reuters has published an interesting chronology of Sudan's 21-Year Civil War. According to this very brief history, the war began with: 1983 - The government, dominated by northern Arabs, adopts aspects of Islamic sharia law and later martial law. Relations with mostly animist and Christian south deteriorate. 1983-84 - Rebels...
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The Laser Incident was an Accident

The Parsippany man whisked from his home on New Year's Eve and questioned by the FBI about a laser pointed at a decoy police helicopter was in the "wrong place at the wrong time," his lawyer said last night. David Banach and his young daughter were playing with a laser...
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Will Sudan Keep its Agreement with the SPLM?

"We are committed to implementing the agreements we reached at Naivasha and to pressing ahead with the reconstruction of all Sudan's war zones," states Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Beshir. [AFP]. In addition, First Vice-President Taha, thought by some to be the most powerful politician in Sudan, has apparently signaled his...
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January 1, 2005

Annan Criticized for Vacation After Tsunami Disaster

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is being criticised for having continued his vacation for three days after the giant tsunami devastated a dozen countries rather than return to his UN headquarters. Annan was vacationing at the ski resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. - Daily Times Considering this is the largest...
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Tsunami Updates - Donations Top $2 Billion

Aid pledges for Asia's tsunami victims reached two billion dollars on a tide of New Year sympathy, but the United Nations warned it would take weeks for help to reach many survivors and that the death toll would likely rise to 150,000. [more] A multinational force of aid workers, military...
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Zimbabwe - A Year in Review

In September, 2003 Zimbabwe government shut-down the country's only independent daily newspaper. Since then it has become nearly impossible to find credible news about what is going on inside Zimbabwe. However, Catherine Buckle, author of African Tears, maintains an excellent website with the "truth about Zimbabwe." In her most recent...
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Happy New Year 2005

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom. 15:13...
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