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April 30, 2005

Father Arrested as School Promotes Morally Bankrupt Agenda

Christian parents are concerned about the promotion of homosexual marriage in the classrooms of their children, and they should be. However, this latest controversy reveals something much worse: the ethical bankruptcy of the school system, the forcible indoctrination of students and the illegitimate acceptance of the government as the source ethical truth.

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School Lancet Prank Results in AIDS Scare

Nineteen elementary schoolchildren who were pricked with a diabetes-testing needle by another student are taking strong drugs to fight H.I.V. after one of the children tested positive for the virus, officials said. The authorities have ruled out the possibility that the child who tested positive for the virus, which causes...
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Mass Graves Continue to Reveal Saddam's Policy of Genocide

Remarkably, Saddam Hussein's sovereignty continues to be defended by the liberal elite and those who opine that supplanting one of the most notorious killers of our age is immoral.

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Ken Ham Joins the Blogging World

Answers in Genesis founder, Ken Ham, has entered the blogging world (wise move). Today he is in Wisconsin....
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Nerac Announced Blog to Compliment its Information Service

Nerac is the name of a company that finds and retrieves information related to science, technology and intellectual property. Unlike services that provide search capabilities, this firm employs information specialists, including scientists and engineers with higher level degrees, who interact with the customer to determine exactly what type of materials...
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April 29, 2005

Zim's economic crisis spirals out of control

Not long ago the country of Zimbabwe exported food to its neighbors and enjoyed a season of prosperity. Those days are gone and the nation, ruled by President Robert Mugabe, faces the grim reality of widespread famine amid a dying economy. The situation is primarily the product of Mugabe’s land...
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April 28, 2005

Trust the Government with the Social Security Trust Fund?

Toping today's news is the President's plan to change Social Security. His agenda includes the controversial proposal to give young workers the option of investing their Social Security taxes into personal accounts. Reacting to this proposal is William McNary, president of USAction, who apparently thundered, "Wall Street, keep your greedy,...
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April 27, 2005

Eric Reeves - Fighting for the people of Dafur, Sudan

On February 24, 2004, an op-ed entitled "The Unnoticed Genocide" appeared in the pages of the Washington Post warning that without humanitarian intervention in Darfur "tens of thousands of civilians [would] die in the weeks and months ahead in what will be continuing genocidal destruction."...
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Euthanasia kits available at 250 Belgian pharmacies

The culture of death is progressive, it advances continuously toward its ultimate goal of establishing the sovereignty of man over life and death. The value of the individual and his or her "reason to live" increasingly becomes tied to instrumental and utilitarian measures, such as the "quality" and "dignity" of...
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April 26, 2005

Who Funds the Genocide in Dafur, Sudan?

Not surprising, China is now the largest foreign investor in Sudan, and, when the United Nations' Security Council passed Resolution 1564, threatening Sudan with oil sanctions unless it curbed the violence in Darfur, China rendered the resolution meaningless by pledging to veto any bid to impose an embargo. Why? Sudan's...
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Adult Stem Cells for Diabetes Treatment

US scientists believe they have found a way to use brain stem cells to "cure" diabetes. Although the work is not yet ready to be tested on human patients, results in animals have been promising, say the Stanford University researchers. Many have conjectured that stem cells harvested from human embryos...
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April 25, 2005

Soviet Collapse a Tragedy - Putin says

Although Putin has been going in this directino for sometime, this appears to be his strongest statement in favor of the former Soviet Union:In his annual state of the nation address to parliament and the country's top political leaders, Putin said the Soviet collapse was "a genuine tragedy" for Russians....
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April 23, 2005

Bush Administration will Protect Abortion Survivors

The AP reports that the Bush administration released an educational statement related to the enforcement of a federal law requiring doctors to attempt to keep alive a child that survives an abortion.The Born-Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002 amends the legal definitions of "person,""human being,""child" and "individual" to include any...
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April 21, 2005

Baby Charlotte Wyatt Needs Help

Because she would likely never have the chance to run and play like other children, doctors decided that it was in her best interest to let her die. We received the information about Charlotte Wyatt by email today, and we've been asked as a group to help get the message...
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Darfur Deaths Near 400,000 - Experts Estimate 500 people Die each day

The latest update I received from Save Dafur reports that 400,000 people have died in Dafur following the inception of the conflict two years ago. According to the Washington-based Coalition for International Justice (CIJ), 140,000 people have been killed by Sudanese government forces and their proxy militia and 250,000 Darfur...
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Italian Court Keeps Girl's Feeding Tube in Place

In Italy, the Supreme Judges made the right decision:Italy's Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a man's appeal to remove a feeding tube keeping his daughter alive, weeks after a bitter row over brain-damaged Terri Schiavo divided the United States. The Italian court confirmed an earlier ruling that called feeding Eluana...
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April 20, 2005

Coffee contains about 1,000 different antioxidants

I'm always on the look-out for articles that will support my coffee habit. It turns out that recent studies indicate a cup of coffee may do far more than just provide an energy boost. Coffee contains about 1,000 different antioxidants and has four times the antioxidant content when compared to...
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April 19, 2005

White Smoke and Bells

... means a new Pope was elected. Still no word who got the nod. Updated:VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the strict defender of Catholic orthodoxy for the past 23 years, was elected Pope on Tuesday despite a widespread assumption he was too old and divisive to win...
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Killing with Mercy Kevorkian Had it Right?

And, putting Dr. Kevorkian and Margaret Sanger on par with Galileo is one of the most absurd statements I have read in a long time. If Kevorkian and Sanger are in the same class as a group of famous historical figures, they join the ranks of Josef Mengele, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

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April 18, 2005

Religion of Peace Update: Muslim Extremists Behead Baptist Pastor

A Baptist pastor and evangelist was found beheaded in Jalalpur, a village in the district of Khulna, south-western Bangladesh on 8th March and the murder was confirmed recently, according to AsiaNews.it. The 35-year-old pastor from the Bangladesh Free Baptist Church, Dulal Sarkar, was believed to have been killed by...
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Moving pictures stop abortion - Young mothers describe how ultrasound technology persuaded them to choose life for their children

It is no wonder that abortion enthusiasts are attempting to make these ultrasounds illegal ... Three woman, predisposed to abortion, were interviewed who decided to keep their children after viewing them through an ultrasound at a crisis pregnancy center.

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Trackback Spam

Captain Ed and Michelle Malkin have both experienced significant trackback spam leading them to question its value. Coincidentally, earlier today I received over 100 spammer pings that made it past MT-Blacklist and forced me to waste time and effort cleaning up. Michelle has already buckled under the pressure and Captain...
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April 17, 2005

After 30 Days Clara Martinez's Feeding Tube is Re-Connected

Source: BlogsforTerri I have just received confirmation from Jorge Medores, editor of a Chicago Newspaper called "La Raza", that Clara Martinez has had her feeding tube re-connected and is receiving nourishment. The Human Services Inspector General's office of the Governor, who contacted him yesterday, did intervene. We will link to...
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April 16, 2005

Schiavo-Like Case of Purposeful Starvation in Chicago

Action Item - Please distribute: What: Join Pastor Espinoza at a Prayer Meeting Why: to pray for Clara Martinez, who has not been fed for almost 30 days, and make known her plight to the community Where: 3939 West 59th Place, Chicago (near Pulaski Avenue) When: 3 pm Central Time...
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April 15, 2005

Using Your Refund Wisely

It is April 15th and I happend upon the following suggestions for those who overpaid the government last year.1. PAY DOWN DEBT. With interest rates on credit cards averaging between 13 and 14 percent, paying down your debt is one of the smartest things you can do with your refund...
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April 14, 2005

Media Reports: Lethal Injection is Cruel for Execution but Dignified for Euthanasia

AMomandHerBlog links to the following article about legislation aimed at legalizing active euthanasia:The Death with Dignity Act would allow Vermonters with six months to live to take a lethal dose of prescribed medications. There must be two physicians who sign off on the illness as terminal, and the patient must...
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Mae Magouirk, Saved from Hospice, is Doing Well

Last week, Mae Magouirk was transported from a hospice in LaGrange, Ga., to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center, where she is now in the critical care unit. The fundamental problem with Mae’s prior placement in hospice "care" is that she was put there to die in preference to a...
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April 13, 2005

Nanoshells Search and Destroy Cancer

The novelty of this research, however, is that the nanoshells are optimized to absorb wavelengths of light that are passed harmlessly through the surrounding tissue. Light energy at these particular wavelengths is used to heat the nanoshells and destroy the nearby cancer cells in a highly targeted manner.

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Russian Abortion Killing and Sterilizing Millions; Demographic Collapse Likely to be Worse than Previously Predicted

LifeSiteNews - An English language news magazine from Moscow reports that up to one third of Russian abortions result in the death of the mother. The Russian government has been alarmed for some time at the impending demographic disaster created by the low birth rate. In addition, after decades of...
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Schumer versus Reality

The Committee for Justice, which defends and promotes constitutionalist judicial nominees, today rebutted liberal Sen. Charles Schumer's (D-NY) consistently misleading characterizations of the debate on President Bush's judicial nominees....
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Lacking the Political Will to Save Dafur

In the last few days, international donors have pledged $4.5 billion in reconstruction aid to Sudan as part of the north/south peace process. And though much if this aid is nominally contingent on Khartoum's ability and willingness to end the violence in Darfur, it remains to be seen if the...
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Outside of those Sunday Morning Walls

And I can't help but wonder what would happen if we all, if I, who claim Jesus Christ as Lord of All, stepped away from the labels of our chosen denominations and just began our journey for ourselves. I am not talking about abandoning our churches, I am talking about...
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Big Companies Pursue Embryonic Stem Cell Research

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Some large companies in the United States are pursuing plans to study stem cells drawn from early stage human embryos, a newspaper said Tuesday, thrusting them into the heated debate over the controversial branch of drug research. Companies that have initiated research programs or have plans...
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April 12, 2005

Research Breakthrough Links Diabetes and Obesity

The findings thus indicate that obesity leads to increased levels of free fatty acids that stimulate the secretion of insulin via GPR40 receptors, which in turn contributes to disease development. By inactivating GPR40 function the animals are protected from these diseases. This theory is supported by the finding that mice with an increased number of GPR40 receptors on their beta cells develop diabetes. GPR40 belongs to the class of receptors targeted by most drugs. The receptors also occur on human beta cells, and therefore substances that block these receptors are prime candidates as drugs for preventing or curing diabetes and other complications of obesity.

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The Coming Schiavo Backlash

I have to agree with David Limbaugh that the public atrocity which ended Terri Schiavo's life is waking a sleeping giant. Most people were unaware that active euthanasia had entered into standard medical practice ... until now.

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April 11, 2005

Mae Mullinax's Family Has Been Denied Visiting Rights

I am getting a strong feeling of Déjà vu. BETH GADDY HAS ISSUED AN ORDER TO THE MEDICAL STAFF AT THE CCU-UNIT of UAB WHICH PREVENTS MAE'S BROTHER (A. B. McLeod) SISTER (Lonnie Ruth Mullinax) and nephews/any of the Alabama relatives FROM VISITING MAE MAGOUIRK IN HER ROOM at the hospital. When we appeared today to visit Mae, we were turned away by hospital staff!

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Saving Mae Magouirk

The delivery of Mae into the care of a hospice where treatment and adequate nourishment and hydration would be purposefully withheld/withdrawn leading to her death is passive euthanasia – letting someone die when you can do something about it. And it is wrong.

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April 10, 2005

Late-Term Abortion Scandal Hits Scottland

SCOTTISH hospitals have carried out abortions on severely abnormal foetuses as late as 34 weeks, an investigation by Scotland on Sunday has revealed. One hospital conducted an abortion just six weeks short of the baby’s due date after the mother refused an earlier offer to terminate 17 weeks into the...
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Spammers Take Note

Jeremy Jaynes, 30, of the Raleigh area of North Carolina, was convicted in November of violating Virginia's anti-spam law by illegally flooding America Online accounts with bulk e-mail advertisements. Prosecutors believe Jaynes was responsible for sending out 10 million e-mails a day, grossing up to $750,000 per month. He has...
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A Bright Future for Malaira Treatments

Malaria is the most important and the most widespread of the transmissible diseases. It threatens almost one third of Humanity, affects around 600 million people and is responsible, each year, for more than 2 million deaths. Caused by microscopic parasites, Plasmodia, this disease is transmitted by the bite of certain...
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April 9, 2005

The Intrinsic Value of Mae Magouirk

Mae's distinction from others is one of utility, which is not a characteristic that adds value to the human kind. Therefore, she is as valuable as those who are not in her same condition. A society that can justify the killing of a certain kind of human will, over time, become more consistent in its belief system and aggressive in its oppression of the weak and helpless.

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Mae Magouirk - out of the Hospital - Thanks to Bloggers

The following message appeared on BlogsforTerri following a phone call from Ken Mullinax, the nephen of Mae. Just received telephone call (3:00 PM ET) from Ken Mullinax, nephew of Mae. Terri saves another life! Followed by this email: THANKS TO THE SUPPORT OF ALL OF THE FRIENDS OF TERRI, MY...
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April 8, 2005

Eric Rudolph to plead

Eric Rudolph has agreed to plead guilty to carrying out the deadly bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and setting off three other blasts in a deal that allows the anti-government extremist to escape the death penalty, Justice Department officials said Friday. Rudolph, 38, is scheduled to admit his guilt...
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Family Fights to Keep Doctors from Starving Mae Magourik

Some mistakenly thought the Terri Schiavo case was an isolated incident and the product of a political battle. The case of Mae Magourik is even worse because she has never been classified as terminally ill or in a "vegetative state." Yet, her immediate family fights to keep doctors from starving...
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April 7, 2005

Swindell says Bush and Bush Backed Down from A Tyrant 'State' Judge

"This new Zogby poll shows what Americans thought specifically about the slow and deliberate death of Terri Schiavo. With this new information, we see it is very probable that the news networks were wrong when they assigned a drop in the approval of President Bush to his involvement in Terri...
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April 6, 2005

Arizona Christian Schools - Registration Begins Now

Registration for the 2005-2006 school year has begun and, with the high rate of population growth in Arizona, registering early is vital. Arizona has many great Christian Schools (click here) to choose from. In the East Valley (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, etc) I recommend:Faith Christian School Redeemer Christian School...
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April 5, 2005

Starving the weak and helpless

For those who think Terri Schiavo's doctors were unbiased professionals without further agenda consider the expert neurologist who testified at her trial:Years before he categorized Terri Schindler Schiavo in the persistent vegetative state, which led to her death by dehydration, neurologist Dr. Ronald Cranford was building the case for removing...
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Why Fruit and Vegetables are Beneficial

Nutrition and dietary patterns have been shown to have direct impact on health of the population and of selected patient groups. The beneficial effects have been attributed to the reduction of oxidative damage caused by the normal or excessive free radical production. Strong evidence suggests that people who eat five...
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April 4, 2005

The Value of Human Life and Terri Schiavo's Death

Consider the hypothetical situation in which Michael Schiavo was a loving and committed husband and Terri Schiavo had clearly expressed her will to be starved to death if she suffered severe brain damage. Would it have been right to carry out Terri's wishes? Is it right to withhold food and water from an otherwise healthy but brain damaged individual because that is what they wanted?

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Belly fat good predictor of diabetes in men

Studies claiming to investigate a new predictor promising diagnostic capabilities are frequently funded. The latest, which is really nothing new, seeks to determine diabetes risk on the basis of a patient's BMI:Overall obesity, measured by high body mass index (BMI) – the height-to-weight ratio, and abdominal obesity, measured by a...
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Coverage of Pope Bests Articles on Bush

Major news media around the world devoted 10 times as many stories to Pope John Paul II's death as they did to the re-election of President Bush, according to an analysis released Monday. - Associated Press And, the reporting seems to be positive. The same cannot be said for the...
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Ebay Entrepreneurs Make Online Auction a Career

I made enough money on ebay to justify the purchase of an IPAQ PDA but did not realize a significant number of people make a living using the service.Every day in Australia, 2000 full-time eBay traders sign on for work, and the number is rising. They make their living selling...
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Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul's Alliance

Newsmax carries a fascinating article summarizing the hidden alliance between the Pope and Ronald Reagan during the Cold War. The two freedom fighters made it clear to the Soviet Union that they would not tolerate an invasion of Poland. Few realize that the U.S. and the Soviet Union stood face-to-face,...
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