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July 24, 2006

God is Independent

In a recent interview Baroness Warnock answered the question, “Is there a God?”.Q: Is there a God? A: There have always been gods, either as objects of fear or of aspiration. Our ideas of God change with our understanding, both of ourselves and of the rest of nature. I doubt...
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July 18, 2006

U.S. Senate says Yes to ESC Research

The U.S. Senate voted today on a number of stem cell bills. Senate bill 3504, which bans fetal farming, the practice of harvesting body parts from human embryos, then performing experiments on them. Senate bill 2754, which allows for any stem cell research that does not destroy a human embryo,...
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Care Net and Pregnancy Centers Attacked

For decades pregnancy centers have sustained waves of attacks from abortion providers and proponent groups who routinely seek to discredit their competition. These groups have tried to limit women from accessing comprehensive information on abortion risks and alternatives, which is provided through the free and confidential services offered by the...
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