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March 28, 2007

Adult Stem Cell Research to Benefit Diabetics

Researchers continue to make substantive progress toward the application of adult stem cells to diabetes treatment. Unlike embryonic stem cell research, the therapies are more than a conjecture - they are reported with concrete clinical evidence. In addition, adult stem cell applications do not involve the destruction of a human...
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March 27, 2007

Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease

It is being hailed as a major medical breakthrough: cardiologists are using adult stem cells, not the controversial embryonic stem cells, to rejuvenate the hearts of patients who have suffered heart attacks or whose hearts are not working properly. - Voice of America The article above describes the case of...
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March 21, 2007

'Glow In The Dark Mosquitoes' Fight Malaria

Malaria is the most widespread of the transmissible diseases. It threatens almost one third of Humanity, affects around 600 million people and is responsible, each year, for more than 2 million deaths. Caused by microscopic parasites, Plasmodia, this disease is transmitted by the bite of certain mosquitoes, the Anopheles....
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March 15, 2007

If they're not human what are they?

The Case: A Tucson, AZ couple is accused of burying the body of their newborn infant in a back yard. The medical examiner had found the child to be full term or nearly full term at death The Defense: A premature baby is not a human being. Therefore, no crime...
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Rudy Giuliani is NOT our Man

A number of conservatives are working vigorously to find a way to make former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's dismal stand on social issues palatable for pro-life voters. Family and life issues are apparently not important to these Republicans, who down-play Giuliani's solid pro-abortion record and his support for gay...
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March 14, 2007

Let the Computers Decide?

Imagine a computer algorithm that decides whether or not incapacitated patients would want medical care. Doctors could feed the algorithm treatment options as well as their patient's background information and be told whether or not to move forward, thus relieving humans of the decision making responsibility. The algorithm exists as...
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March 3, 2007

A High Value Target

As reported by the Blotter via HotAir: According to eyewitnesses and local reporters in Kunar province, Coalition forces launched a fierce attack on a small enclave in the village of Mandaghel, approximately 17 miles from the border with Pakistan, on Friday afternoon. Warplanes pounded the positions ; U.S. special forces...
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