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Stem Cells: March 27, 2007

Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease

It is being hailed as a major medical breakthrough: cardiologists are using adult stem cells, not the controversial embryonic stem cells, to rejuvenate the hearts of patients who have suffered heart attacks or whose hearts are not working properly. - Voice of America

The article above describes the case of Joe Gasser, a heart attack victim that was left with a poor prognosis. As one of 23 patients who had stem cells injected into his ailing heart he is back on the treadmill.

The stem cells originated from Gasser's legs and were grown in a laboratory before being injected into his heart.

This is not the first application of adult stem cells for the treatment of heart disease but it represents a novel methodology in a domestic clinical study.

One of the reasons I chose to point out this latest study is that the continued demonstrated performance of adult stem cells for treatment of medical conditions obliterates the argument that embryonic stem cell research is the needed. However, the argument really should not be necessary. The fact that ESC research destroys human beings is sufficient to invalidate it as an ethical endeavor.

Posted by tim at March 27, 2007 12:37 PM

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