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Technology: May 4, 2008

Amazon's Kindle Back in Stock

Amazon’s Kindle is a unique technology that is positioned to deliver electronic and print media, including books and newspapers, in a package that is highly mobile yet provides a reading experience matching a typed page. The product rapidly sold out late last year and Amazon's supply chain seemingly collapsed. Those issues are over and it appears that a warehouse full of product awaits consumers.

The low power grayscale screen provides highly readable text and wireless connectivity, without a monthly service charge, enables readers to access the Kindle store from most locations.
With over 100,000 electronic books available, the innovative device is likely to achieve significant market penetration for mainstream book readers. In my estimation, the current offering will fail to capture many of the classic texts of interest to Christians, instead emphasizing books likely to generate significant sales. Even so, the Kindle represents the coming change to fully electronic media, in which vast libraries are at the command of the reader. An incredible amount of content is “just there”, wherever you go, in a highly readable format.

Because the electronic books are of little value once reader, I would prefer a subscription service that charged a monthly fee for unlimited books, a rental rather than purchase. This would truly place a mobile library at my fingertips without significant (initial) investment.

Posted by tim at May 4, 2008 6:49 PM

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