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Arizona: November 6, 2006

Arizona Voters

Important: Read Arizona Right to Life's endorsements, the Center for Arizona Policy's Voter's Guide and the Guide to Arizona Propositions.

Check out the endorsements by the Sonoran Alliance:

US Senate - Jon Kyl
Congressional District 1 - Rick Renzi
Congressional District 2 - Trent Franks
Congressional District 3 - John Shadegg
Congressional District 4 - None
Congressional District 5 - JD Hayworth
Congressional District 6 - Jeff Flake
Congressional District 7 - Ron Drake
Congressional District 8 - Randy Graf
Governor - Len Munsil
Attorney General - Bill Montgomery
Secretary of State - Jan Brewer
read the rest here, including a guide to the propositions.

Lighthouse Blog has more info on Arizona Propositions, including this:

Proposition 107 - Protecting Marriage - Yes, because marriage is under assault from liberals and activist judges. Homosexuals can unite via legal means without renaming a historical religious institutions.
No, I don't agree with all of the recommendations (particularly 104 and 206).

BTW, you may have noticed that certain Arizona candidates seem embarrassed by their party's name:

The one thing that stands out is the lack of party designation on the majority of signs of known Democrats. Republicans place the identifying name prominently on their signs. At the very least, the elephant logo is obvious. The absolute winner for the non-identifying signs are those of Democrat Jim Pederson, senatorial challenger hoping to unseat Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.
Look for the word "Democrat" on Janet Napolitano's website, it seems to be missing in action.

Posted by tim at November 6, 2006 10:37 PM

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