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February 9, 2006

Stop the ACLU's One Year Blogiversary

Happy Birthday Stop The ACLU Top Ten Myths of the ACLU: 10. The ACLU is non-partisan: The Truth: Not only were they founded on Communism, they are about as liberal an organization in existence. The public saw first hand in 1988 how the ACLU was involved in politics. “The portrayal...
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October 20, 2005

Undermining American Sovereignty

There are some who seek to undermine America's ideals and the sovereignty with which we preserve them. Increasingly, leading jurists, law professors and other legal experts are turning to foreign courts and international bodies to subvert the Constitution. And helping to lead this charge against American sovereignty and its unique...
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August 2, 2005

ACLU Opposes Tax Exemptions For All Churches But Supports It For Satanic Witches

Jay at "Stop The ACLU" suggests that the ACLU is antagonistic to Christian churches but supports Satanists. Here's his proof:The ACLU’s official policy on the tax exemption of Churches. Policy #92, "Religious Bodies’ Tax Exemption"…it states, "The ACLU opposes the tax-exemption of all churches…" While the ACLU was taking aim...
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