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October 14, 2005

Omega-3 fatty acids in Fish

Eating fish at least once a week slows the toll aging takes on the brain, while obesity at midlife doubles the risk of dementia, a pair of studies recently concluded. The question, of course is why? What in fish are inherently beneficial to the brain leading to a reduced risk...
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July 13, 2005

Curry Spice Shuts Down Melanoma

One of the most interesting recent health related health related articles reports on the supression of cancer by curry (Indian cuisine is a favorate of mine - yes!):Turmeric (Curcuma longa), also known as curcumin), is one of the most studied chemopreventive agents. It is a natural compound extracted from Curcuma...
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May 16, 2005

Cancer Treatment Success Stuns Scientists

No one could have been more surprised than the doctors themselves. They were just hoping to relieve the symptoms of a deadly blood disorder — and ended up treating the disease itself. In nearly half of the people who took the experimental drug, the cancer became undetectable. Specialists said Revlimid...
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April 10, 2005

A Bright Future for Malaira Treatments

Malaria is the most important and the most widespread of the transmissible diseases. It threatens almost one third of Humanity, affects around 600 million people and is responsible, each year, for more than 2 million deaths. Caused by microscopic parasites, Plasmodia, this disease is transmitted by the bite of certain...
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April 5, 2005

Why Fruit and Vegetables are Beneficial

Nutrition and dietary patterns have been shown to have direct impact on health of the population and of selected patient groups. The beneficial effects have been attributed to the reduction of oxidative damage caused by the normal or excessive free radical production. Strong evidence suggests that people who eat five...
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December 6, 2004

Late Night Blogging and Obesity

People who sleep less are more likely to be obese, according to a 15-year long research study published today. It turns out the hormone ghrelin, which triggers feelings of hunger, is 15 percent higher in individuals who regularly sleep for five hours as compared to those who sleep for eight....
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May 24, 2004

West Nile Virus has Suspicious Origin

Some U.S. health officials are beginning to question why the U.S. strain of West Nile virus is deadlier to humans and birds than anywhere else on the planet – with the exception of Israel (Worldnetdaily). One entomology expert who maintains an open mind on the West Nile outbreak, Dr. Jonathan...
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September 29, 2003

Coffee Drinkers Enjoy

A recent USA today column reveals the benefit of drinking coffee. It seems that contrary to popular opinion, coffee may be beneficial and coffee drinkers have fewer kidney stones and 50% lower suicide rate. Recommendation: http://www.areopaguscoffee.com/...
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