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November 1, 2006

Failed Statements by Sen. John Kerry

Sen. John Kerry's irresponsible comments about our troops in Iraq reminded me of this post which reveals his politicization of the war. Here are a few snippets with an update at the end: July 29, 2002 - Kerry endorses the Bush plan in Iraq, stating,” I agree completely with this...
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July 17, 2005

Iraqi Friend Details Suicide Blast, Claims News Inaccurate

Richard at Hyscience posts an email from a friend in Iraq who witnessed a suicide bombing. Sabah and his wife were teachers of English during Sadaam's regime, and were forced to go into hiding until the U.S. entered Iraq. During a recent visit to a public market where his son...
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April 30, 2005

Mass Graves Continue to Reveal Saddam's Policy of Genocide

Remarkably, Saddam Hussein's sovereignty continues to be defended by the liberal elite and those who opine that supplanting one of the most notorious killers of our age is immoral.

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February 4, 2005

Oil-for-Food Report Reveals UN as Conduit of Corruption

The United Nations’ oil-for-food programme in Iraq was "tainted" from top to bottom, with officials failing to follow rules designed to ensure fairness and accountability, the man charged with investigating alleged corruption in the scheme said yesterday. Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, also accused...
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February 2, 2005

Iraqi Christians Claim Their Votes Blocked

The elections in Iraq were highly successful and silenced many critics who skeptically predicted there would be low voter turn-out. Iraqis momentarily set aside their deep divisions and turned out in numbers that far surpassed predictions and cut across ethnic and sectarian lines [more]. However, there is one group that...
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January 29, 2005

Iraq Makes History, Elections Begin

Iraqis voted Sunday in their country's first free election in a half-century, defying threats of violence and an initial round of attacks from insurgents determined to sabotage the balloting. As he cast his vote, President Ghazi al-Yawer called it Iraq's first step "toward joining the free world." - more Despite...
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On the Eve of Elections Iraq Needs Christian Voters

Iraq prepares to enter the international community of free nations with tomorrow’s historic election. Anyone reading the headlines would think that no one will be voting in the election. For example, Reuters leads with "Iraq to Vote Shadowed by Threat of Bloodbath" and to make matters worse, the U.S. Embassy...
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