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July 26, 2005

Muslims Threaten Christian Missionaries

On Monday, 18 July, American missionary, Timothy Keller, was surrounded by a mob of Muslim students at the University of Pretoria threatening him and demanding that the his missions display be removed. Tim had been officially invited by the University Missions Committee to take part in their "Go Love the...
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July 18, 2005

Muslims Extremists Threaten Christian Missionary

I received this urgent request for prayer from Charl van Wyk, the Director of the African based Christian Action organization. Charl joins Peter Hammond in missionary service through Frontline Fellowship and has been involved in Christian outreach and activism through-out Africa. Your prayers would be great appreciated.Dear Friends We urgently...
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July 13, 2005

Islamic Nations Slaughter and Enslave Christians

THERE IS NOT ONE CHRISTIAN NATION ON EARTH WHERE MUSLIMS ARE PERSECUTED. Yet in 83% of nations where the majority of the population are Muslims, there is systematic government persecution of Christians. (See "Religious Freedom in the Majority Islamic Countries" in the Resources section below.) This persecution includes imposing the...
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