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July 20, 2005

Roberts Nominated to the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON - President Bush chose federal appeals court judge John G. Roberts Jr. on Tuesday as his first nominee for the Supreme Court, selecting a rock solid conservative whose nomination could trigger a tumultuous battle over the direction of the nation's highest court, senior administration officials said. [snip] Abortion rights...
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July 11, 2005

Specter Suggests O'Connor for Chief Justice

Those who opposed Senator Arlen Specter's appointment as chairman of the Judiciary Committee have yet another reason to say, "I told you so." Specter suggested that President Bush should name Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is retiring from the Supreme Court, to the position of chief justice if it opens...
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March 3, 2005

Contraditions in the US Supreme Court Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that imposing the death penalty on convicts who were younger than 18 when they committed their crimes is a violation of Eighth Amendment prohibitions on cruel and unusual punishment....
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February 2, 2005

State of the Union 2005

President George W. Bush's speech transcript. With President Bush at ease, confident and optimistic, this was an emotionally charged State of the Union address that included appearances from an Iraqi voter and the proud parents of a fallen marine. I wish I had captured the moment by live blogging. Here...
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Pre State of the Union 2005

"The President shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient." Article II, Sec. 3, U.S. Constitution First and foremost among those efforts is a plan to change the 70-year-old...
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January 21, 2005

Bush Inauguration Address Combats Tyranny with Freedom

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;...
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January 16, 2005

Atheist Newdow Fails to Stop Inauguration Prayer

America's first president was convinced of the gracious guiding hand of God on the founding of our nation, and he chose to speak of that "Divine Interposition" in his first inaugural address. --Presidential Prayer Team Atheist Michael Newdow lost in his bid Jan. 13 to have prayer removed from President...
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December 9, 2004

Reporter Manipulated Soldier's Question to Rumsfeld

Over the past several days the press has been filled with reports following the tough questions that were asked of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by U.S. soldiers during a Town Hall Meeting in Kuwait. However, Drudge and others are reporting that reporter Edward Pitts from the Chattanooga Times Free Press,...
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November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day, 2004

Excerp from President Bush's Thanksgiving Day proclaimation: Almost four centuries ago, the Pilgrims celebrated a harvest feast to thank God after suffering through a brutal winter. President George Washington proclaimed the first National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789, and President Lincoln revived the tradition during the Civil War, asking Americans...
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November 10, 2004

John Ashcroft Resigns, Replaced with Alberto Gonzales

Attorney General John Ashcroft’s resignation and replacement have been officially announced today. Ashcroft begins his letter of resignation to President Bush with Nothing in my life compares to the high honor of serving America as Attorney General in your administration...and ends it with May God continue to bless, guide, and...
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November 8, 2004

Pray for Our Troops in Falluja

Thousands of U.S. Marines and Iraqi troops backed by tanks stormed into Falluja as night fell on Monday, the start of a fierce ground assault to retake the rebel stronghold. Several tanks thrust into the city and guerrillas were putting up some resistance, Marine radio traffic showed. Intense U.S. air...
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September 11, 2004

Our Nation Remembers - Remember More

With quavering voices, parents and grandparents of those killed at the World Trade Center slowly read the names of the victims early Saturday to mark the third anniversary of the attacks that brought down the twin towers. [more] Confronted with the horrible tragedy of the past and with evil men...
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August 13, 2004

Tax Exempt Equals Agent of the State?

While an American pastor is the subject of federal investigations for delivering a pro-George Bush sermon on July 4, Christian churches in Canada are now facing the loss of their tax-exempt status should they speak out on politics (full story)....
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June 15, 2004

Standing Firm

Homosexual activists are fuming over President Bush's refusal to declare June "Gay Pride Month." (Worldnetdaily) Despite pressure from members of the Senate and Nancy Reagan, a White House spokesman says President Bush will not go back on his position against federal funding of any new embryonic stem cell research. (Lifenews)...
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June 5, 2004

So Long President Reagan

Today we are all Republicans. One of the most beloved presidents in American history, President Ronald Reagan passed away today at the age of 93. (Worldnetdaily) "My family and I would like the world to know that President Ronald Reagan has passed away after 10 years of Alzheimer's disease...
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May 24, 2004

West Nile Virus has Suspicious Origin

Some U.S. health officials are beginning to question why the U.S. strain of West Nile virus is deadlier to humans and birds than anywhere else on the planet – with the exception of Israel (Worldnetdaily). One entomology expert who maintains an open mind on the West Nile outbreak, Dr. Jonathan...
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April 24, 2004

Government Control of Private Education

Is it wise to accept government funding for Homeschooling or Private Education? A family in Canada found out the answer to this question. Homeschooling parents in a Canadian province have been ordered to stop using religious-based materials or other "unofficial" resources when they teach their children at home. (full article)...
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April 8, 2004

U.S. Marines Pray

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