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Commentary: June 25, 2007

Don't Live Your Faith

That's what Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told an audience of 10,000 at the United Church of Christ in Hartford:

"Doing the Lord's work is a thread that's run through our politics since the very beginning," Obama told church members. "And it puts the lie to the notion that the separation of church and state in America -- a principle we all must uphold and that I have embraced as a constitutional lawyer and most importantly as a Christian -- means faith should have no role in public life."
His notion of faith appears to be a hollow appeal to sentimentality, in which one assents to a particular ideal but never experiences a life altering change. Or, perhaps his view reflects a desperate attempt to find meaninging through an irrational faith that cannot be expressed or known.

The Christian concept of faith involves an object, the person of Jesus Christ, and results in a dramatic transformation of both beliefs and actions as one enters a personal relationship with Him. Prior to Jesus we are dead but through Him have life. Consequently, a Christian's faith is active in every aspect of life, including "public life."

One may question whether Christians have acted faithfully, but to assert that faith does not have a role in certain spheres of life is absurd.

HT: WorldMagBlog

Posted by tim at June 25, 2007 12:35 PM

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