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Stem Cells: July 11, 2005

Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Clash of Worldviews

According to the LTI Blog the fundamental dispute over embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) is a worldview issue:

One group thinks human beings have value simply because they are human while the other group thinks humans have value only because of some acquired (and accidental) property like self-awarness or sentience.

... So, which worldview better explains human dignity? Is it the one that grounds human equality in our common human nature or the one that grounds our value in accidental traits that may come and go within the course of one’s lifespan?

I agree. Individuals and societies who are involved in and support ESCR view themselves as moral because their actions follow from an ethical standard that both justifies and motivates their decisions. In fact, the humanistic ethic that enables the murder of the unborn or the diseased, when pressed, will find little support in the absolute sense for the sanctity of human life that is not unborn or diseased because such sacredness can only be persuasive when derived from a transcended source (God).

Rejection of God means the acceptance of something else, some other ultimate authority or purpose from which standards for right and wrong are derived. This active replacement of Christian ethics with principles upon which ESCR is justified has practical consequences and will lead nations to progressively adopt increasingly oppressive practices that target the weak and defenseless based upon their utilitarian value to others.

Posted by tim at July 11, 2005 2:32 AM

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