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International: October 8, 2004

Extensive Bribery by Saddam included UNSC Member Nations

With the publication of the Duefler Report, it is documented that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD at the time of the U.S. invasion. Opportunists who are quick to exploit the report against President Bush should consider the former positions of Bill Clinton and John Kerry.

bribechart.gifWhat is surprising is the extent to which Saddam Hussein bribed U.N. officials and UN Security Counsel member countries with oil contracts in exchange for favorable treatment (sanction ending votes) and technology [see the chart to the right - Captain’s Quarters has extensive coverage of this issue as well].

In order to eliminate sanctions and obstruct military action against him, Saddam used the UN's oil-for-food program to fund a sophisticated bribery network [Powerline]. He paid-off leading figures in the UN, France, China, Russia and elsewhere with oil-export contracts to earn more than $11 billon to keep his regime afloat. [see also Telegraph, NY Post, the Independent, AFP]. French recipients of Iraqi largesse included Patrick Maugein, a businessman believed by Saddam to have links with President Jacques Chirac. Other surprising figures included the government of Yemen, the President of Indonesia, Members of the Russian parliament, Benon Sevan, UN Chief of the Oil for food program. Charles Pasqua, businessman and former French Interior minister, Russian foreign ministry.

Peter Rodinov, Russia’s energy minister, went to Baghdad in 1997 to discuss a $12 billion oil deal. Two years later, Russian experts travelled to Iraq to provide advice on missile-guidance systems.

China, which also holds a UN veto, featured heavily in Iraqi contracts. Its companies supplied rocket guidance electronics to Iraq, "disguised as children’s computer software". [more]

Memos from Iraqi intelligence officials, recovered by American and British inspectors, show the dictator was told as early as May 2002 that France - having been granted oil contracts - would veto any American plans for war. [more]

His purchased friends gave him boldness and led him to the following conclusions:

Saddam, the report says, considered that the Desert Fox bombings of February 1998 would be the "worst he could expect from Western military pressure", because the UN system would stop the US carrying out any other action. [more from Captain's Quarters]


The United Nations agency that provides assistance and food aid to Palestinian refugees admits it has hired members of the terrorist group Hamas to help in its efforts. [BlogsforBush]

Misreporting the Duefler Report [hat tip: Instapundit]

Glenn Reynolds - Although everybody's talking about weapons of mass destruction, the story that's not being reported --you'd almost think the press "wants Kerry to win"-- is the complete collapse of John Kerry's foreign policy case, and the reason for that collapse... It's hard to pass the "Global Test" when the people grading it are being bribed to administer a failing grade. Perhaps Kerry should change his stance, and promise that a Kerry Administration would "outbid the bad guys." That approach is more likely to succeed than the one he's been touting, which even he has admitted is doomed. [hat tip: political brief]

See my prior thoughts on why Kerry's foreign policy is flawed (due to UN corruption).

Claudia Rosett, National Review - This was not simply a little corruption, however. And it was not vague, and it was not faceless, and it was anything but benign. The Duelfer report takes us right into the caverns of corruption, political rot, arms traffic, and U.N. complicity that under cover of a relief operation was allowing Saddam to to prosper.

See Key Findings by Joshua Claybourn

Posted by tim at October 8, 2004 12:37 PM

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