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Church: December 11, 2006

How will the Discovery of the Apostle Paul’s Remains Change Your Life?

apostle_paul.jpgA white marble sarcophagus, dating to 390 A.D. reportedly holds the Apostle Paul's body:

The tomb of St Paul the Apostle has been found under one of Rome's largest churches and the stone coffin will shortly be raised to the surface to allow pilgrims to see it.

The remains of St Paul, one of the Christian Church's most important leaders and the supposed author of much of the New Testament, have been hidden under an altar at St Paul Outside-the-Walls for almost 200 years.

The present St Paul Outside-the-Walls was built in 1823 on the remains
of earlier churches. The first was erected by the Emperor Constantine
"I have no doubt that this is the tomb of St Paul, as revered by Christians in the fourth century," said Giorgio Filippi, the Vatican archaeologist who made the discovery.

Dr Filippi will present the results of his scientific tests on the remains of the saint on Monday at the Vatican. St Paul's sarcophagus was found after five years of extensive excavations at the church, which is second only in size to St Peter's in Rome. Dr Filippi began looking for the tomb at the request of Archbishop Francesco Gioia, within whose jurisdiction the church falls.

Although the Apostle Paul’s remains are of significant historical interest, they provide no additional revelation or mystical qualities that would, in and of themselves, change a pilgrim’s life. However, it is likely that the idol factory of the heart will perceive this discovery to be of more significance that it really is. Sadly, the tomb is referred to as a "focal point of devotion" of the early church, certainly a designation the Apostle would have held in great disdain.

Posted by tim at December 11, 2006 12:36 PM

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Paul (AKA Apostle Paul) was a First-Century evangelist similar to a Pat Robertson or Benny Hinn of today's religious world. He had a lot more work to do than them, though. He was an ambitious and creative man of great energy.

He was the inventor and entrepreneur who took Christianity all the way from a concept to being a lucrative cash producer with rubes from most of the known world happily handing over their cash to Paul based on his promise of the imminent return of their King Jesus (who never showed up).

Posted by: Wadena at December 16, 2006 9:20 AM


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