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International: December 5, 2004

Ongoing UN Scandals Reflect Systemic Corruption

With the publication of the Duefler Report in early October, it became very obvious that high ranking officials in the United Nations had engaged in criminal activity by taking bribes from Saddam Hussein. More recently, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was implicated in Iraq's oil-for-food scandal [Washington Times]. This is probably the reason Annan used his position to block a United States Senate subcommittee investigation of fraud in the oil-for-food program [Boren.nu].

Is this a surprise? Can the UN be fixed when and if Annan steps down?

Gerald Warner begins this pointed editorial by asserting, "The real scandal is that the UN was not discredited and dissolved many years ago: there is no organisation in the world more hypocritical, greedy and power-hungry (although the European Union is coming up fast on the outside lane)." I couldn't agree more.

Globe Columnist, Jeff Jacoby, gets it right. He states, "The UN is a corrupt institution, one that long ago squandered whatever moral legitimacy it had. The UN's founding documents venerate justice and human rights, but for the past 40 years, the organization has been dominated by a bloc of states -- essentially the Afro-Asian Third World -- most of whose governments routinely pervert justice and violate human rights."

Now, consider that fact that the UN, the organization that elected the genocidal Government of Sudan to be a watchdog for human rights, intends on "stripping nations of their sovereign right to defend themselves by requiring Security Council approval for any pre-emptive military action." [Captain's Quarters; see also the Washington Times]. What is even more amazing is that some continue to support Annan and suggest any criticism or investigation is related to "Annan's refusal to toe the Bush line on Iraq and the administration's generally unilateral approach to foreign affairs" [Captain's Quarters and Powerline have more, and it's good].

Update: The Belmont Club has a remarkable post that describes the corruption of UN Security Council members during the 1990s. Here's a taste: "The United States was being played like a fiddle, its huge fleet and aerial assets led in circles in the sham blockade that we now know was set up by 'friends' on the Security Council who were running a covert rearmament effort called the Oil-for-Food Programme."

Posted by tim at December 5, 2004 6:06 PM

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