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Politics: October 13, 2004

Political Wandering from Iraq to Magic Cell Phones

This is what I found during my "walk-about" among a few noteworthy political blogs. First, there is the issue of whether or not Kerry originally was honorably discharged before he was later honorably discharged (by President Carter's executive order in 1977) [more]. Hmmm... this pattern does sound familiar. Here are several interesting and noteworthy posts that are worth reading. I think Kerry's military record speaks for itself although a lot could be cleared up if Kerry would simply sign over his unreleased military records.

Liberal bloggers are criticizing the New York Times opinion piece by Charles Murray. I'm not sure why they have a problem with asking Kerry a couple of simple questions, such as, "Could you describe your experiences when you last had to meet a payroll, or when your boss had to meet a payroll?"

NeophytePundit asks, "Is there anyone out there that can explain to me why it is okay for John Kerry to stump from the pulpit?" La Shawn Barber has more, and its really good. "Shameful, shameful, shameful! However ... although the pastor deliberately misapplies the word of God in the Book of Jeremiah, it’s providential that he did so, for it gives me the opportunity to discuss the Bible with you again," she writes.

From the Scotsman: "Former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix believed the Government's controversial Iraq weapons dossier actually understated the case against Saddam Hussein, according to documents released today by the Foreign Office." Here is my post on Saddam's deception, his manipulation and his capabilities.

Finally, at the debate tonight I'll be looking for Bush's secret transmitter and hidden earpiece. Perhaps it is the same technology as Kerry's magic cell phone.

Posted by tim at October 13, 2004 12:55 PM

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