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Politics: March 15, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is NOT our Man

A number of conservatives are working vigorously to find a way to make former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's dismal stand on social issues palatable for pro-life voters. Family and life issues are apparently not important to these Republicans, who down-play Giuliani's solid pro-abortion record and his support for gay marriage (i.e., gay pride parade-marching days). Others suggest that Giuliani could be "operationally pro-life"despite the core beliefs that have driven him to a public stand that is practically, realistically and politically pro-abortion.

We keep hearing the worn out argument that Giuliani will likely appoint judges "in the mold" of John Roberts and Samuel Alito "who may actually overturn Roe v. Wade." Besides, he's a whole lot better than the radical abortion rights extremist Hilary Clinton, who many presume will win the Democratic nominee.

Yes, Giuliani might nominate a Roberts or Alito. Then again, why wouldn't he choose a Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Here's what Giulinai said about Ginsburg on Hannity and Colmes:

COLMES: Now, Roe vs. Wade -- You are pro-choice. How important is it to you as a pro-choice Republican to have a pro-choice on the court as someone...

GIULIANI: That is not the critical factor. And what's important to me is to have a very intelligent, very honest, very good lawyer on the court. And [Roberts] fits that category, in the same way Justice Ginsburg fit that category.

I mean, she was -- she maybe came at it from a very different political background, very qualified lawyer, very smart person. Lots of Republicans supported her. I expect, and listening to Senator Nelson, I expect that John Roberts will get support from a lot of Democrats.

But what about his track record? He did appoint over 100 judges as Mayor.

LifeNews reports:

In his eight years as mayor, Giuliani, who backs abortion, appointed or reappointed 127 municipal judges who preside over family courts, criminal misdemeanor cases and civil claims of less than $25,000.

But Connie Mackey, a Family Research Council vice president, said Giuliani's appointments "were mostly liberal."

Any pro-lifer who believes they are going to get the kind of judge out of Rudy Giuliani that we see in either [Supreme Court Chief Justice John] Roberts or [Supreme Court Justice Samuel] Alito is probably going to be disappointed," Mackey told the Los Angeles Times over the weekend.

Shallow conservatives looking for a reason to support Giulinai might accept his views on abortion, presented using the doublespeak coined by Mario Cuomo and perfected by Bill Clinton. Giulini is "personally opposed" to abortion but does not believe the state has a role in protecting the life of the unborn. This despite that fact that the basis for opposition to abortion is the very reason it should be illegal.

The rationale of being (personally) opposed to child killing but, as a governing official, not acting upon the same is dubious and intellectually dishonest.

giuliani_gay_pride.jpgRudy Giuliani is not a social conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He supports gay marriage, abortion on demand and scientific research involving the destruction of human embryo.

Why should social conservatives trust Giulini on life issues when he believes in the legitimacy of research that destroys human embryos and asserts that government has no role in protecting unborn children from being torn to pieces while in their mother's womb?

There is also the question of Giuliani's disastrous and immoral private life. Having been married three times, his relationships have been filled with scandal. Joe Carter comments:

Giuliani began dating his third (and current) wife, Judith Nathan, while still married to his second wife, Donna Hanover. Ms. Hanover found out her marriage was ending when her soon to be ex-husband announced the separation during a press conference.
The "that's my private life" trump card simply won't work in Giuliani's case. Yes, it seems effective for Democratic liberals from Arkansas but few if any politicians who claim to be conservative have been able to hide their character flaws in this manner.

Charmaine Yoest aptly commented during a recent MSNBC interview that when a person runs for President, a position of enormous trust and responsibility, his character counts. "What a persons character is comes out in their personal life," she said. "...and that matters for the President." [note: watch Charmaine's interview at the FRC]

Please, enough of the Rudy Giuliani nightmare. He does not have and cannot earn the support of pro-life voters and is not an acceptable candidate for this nation's highest office.

Source: prolifeblogs.com

Posted by tim at March 15, 2007 6:48 AM

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