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Arizona: November 1, 2006

Why is she hiding?

Here is the latest from Len Munsil

We offered numerous dates and proposed 10 debates with Janet Napolitano. She said she would commit to three. But after the first two debates, she apparently decided she'd had enough and backed out of a third debate.
Napolitano’s decision is consistent with her visionless campaign strategy which lacks a specific agenda for the future and relies on the satisfaction of Arizona voters rather than her positions and plans.

The first two debates are available online....



... but are not linked to by the Governor's website (no surprise) and HotAZItGets notes that Napolitano's campaign website fails to even reference that fact that she is a Democrat. This is the "keep your head low because I want to be governor" approach. It would seem Napolitano's desire for political success is built on the equity of the past and the hard work of Arizona's citizens and not advancing an agenda for the future.

Posted by tim at November 1, 2006 7:15 AM

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